Manteris, Robin

Robin Manteris Manteris, Robin
Lafayette, CO TN, NV, TX

Hi, I’m Robin. I have been a professional astrologer since 1986 and do full service astrology readings over the phone, providing a two-way recorded tape to my clients. I specialize in several facets of astrology including: Relationship compatibility, relocation astrology, career astrology and forecasting, using transits, directions and returns to take a look at your cycles and a look at planetary influences in the future. Knowing the cycle of life you are in and how the planet transits are affecting you, can allow you to make decisions for your life and get positive results.

My interest in astrology took root in my early 20’s and by 1986 I was working with clients professionally. My studies started with a mentorship on Maui and another later in Reno NV. Self study was my constant preoccupation and I took advantage of studying with the stars by attending a myriad of National conferences and seminars.

I received my certificate of completion in Cosmobiology in 1995. My astrology readings have a psychological bent using a variety of techniques including Cosmobiology and the use of 14,000 minor name Asteroids. Both have added detail to my chart interpretations that are not possible with traditional Western Astrology alone.

Check out my website for my monthly newsletter about the current month’s planetary picture ( and the asteroid news page for real life examples of asteroids in action.
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Email me with any questions or check my website for complete information on what I offer, including fees for service.