Markel, Stephane

Stephane Markel Markel, Stephane
Evergreen, CO

I have a BA in Communications and Spirituality and have in depthly studied metaphysics and numerology for the last 20 yrs. I have intertwined my love of astrology with travel by specializing in Locational Astrology. I believe that each of us have a Dharma and it can realized through the environments we choose to live in, start a business, create a family, or get educated. All of these major decisions are depended upon a ‘Place’ because it is the foundation or setting from which we set out to achieve our dreams. I absolutely love helping others find their ‘Sweet Spot’ or ‘Soulscape”!

Where ever you find yourself going in the next chapter of life- let me help you design the environment that specifically contributes to your aspirations. Think of it as Potential Meeting Opportunity = Location! Its quite amazing how ‘Location Location Location’ can benefit every aspect of our lives and experienced individually through astrology….Whether you want to travel or relocate the potential for choosing a destination that can have outstanding results that will effect you for the rest of your life…