McEwen, Robert

Robert McEwenMcEwen, Robert
Portland, OR.

The Gourmet Astrologer, Robert McEwen, H.W., M. is a Master Astrologer and Life Coach. Robert is a licensed counselor, Mentor with The Prosperos, ( and active with many academic, metaphysical and astrological associations. The Gourmet Astrologer takes astrology and translates it into a language you can understand and take practical action. His counseling experience, coupled with his years of helping others with astrology really is a powerful combination. Robert has over 30 years of mentoring experience, helping clients navigate the myriad of barriers that confronts them on their life path. He helps clients with emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical changes. His psychic and astrological insights will help you see your options. He focuses and shares in areas of health, career, finances, love, and relationships. He will bring a fresh light to your underlying issues. His experience is vast and his personal touch, caring and humor engages people to make the changes they need to. You will be able to move forward with intelligence and wisdom after having his consultation and supportive, astrological guidance. Comparison charts with a partner are his expertise. The Gourmet Astrologer will assist clients in bringing out the best in any relationship be it a lover or business relationship.

Over 5,000 people have participated in an astrological coaching package ranging from having one reading to coaching support throughout the year. The Gourmet Astrologer has taught astrology worldwide for over 30 years, appeared on radio and television, sharing his vision and expertise. The Gourmet Astrologer has an “astrological menu” to meet every taste and desire. Please call for prices as individual sessions will vary. Talk to the Gourmet Astrologer himself asking any questions you want.

Robert McEwen, H.W., M, has been a professional astrologer since 1977, teaching and consulting around the world. He is a Mentor in a school of Ontology called the Prosperos, and has taught seminars for over 30 years. Much of the time Robert teaches in Southern California, as well as Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. His astrology consulting service consists of a unique approach to using the natal chart and transits. Robert does possess psychic abilities, which are incorporated in to his consulting style. He assists many clients in a coaching style approach, bringing a very practical use of the chart, looking at it as a sacred contract to fulfill this life time. Many call on a weekly basis for his coaching style sessions, setting goals and using the astrology as a road map.

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