McKeon, Betty

McKeon, Betty
Peachtree Corners, Georgia

After years being a housewife and Realtor, Betty McKeon was introduced to Astrology in 1977. She had the good fortune to have apprenticed with Astrologers Jeff Jawer and David Raily. Betty’s time with these Astrologers prepared her for her future consultations. Within 3 years of being introduced to Astrology, she took the Atlanta Astrological Board Exam and became a licensed Astrologer in January 1981.

Just as there are cycles in nature, Betty has always believed Astrology is a tool reading the individual cycles of a person’s life. In 2003, after many years of consulting, Betty formed a business called Party With the Stars. Party With the Stars provides clients with means to introduce friends and relatives to the powerful tool of Astrology by hosting an astrological party in their home.

After over 30 years of Astrological Consulting, Betty McKeon’s confidential consultations are known from San Francisco to New York City. With her unique perceptive of Astrology, she continually offers beneficial insights into people’s lives. Betty is available for private phone consultations.

770-736-9408 Atlanta
New York 917-365-3603