Monks, Jeanni

Jeanni MonksMonks, Jeanni
Brisbane, Australia
0407 324 861

Born in Africa, Jeanni brings her lifetime of in-depth experiences and wisdom into her teaching, writing and counselling. Passionately merging her astrological and psychological knowledge into her work as a teacher and psychotherapist, Jeanni believes that “a true teacher has the gift of generosity of knowledge, wisdom and spirit”.

She has a BA in Psychology, a post-graduate diploma in Education/ Counselling; Masters in Esoteric Psychology & holds the FAA (Federation of Australian Astrologers) Practitioners’ Diploma. Jeanni is President of the QFA (Queensland Federation of Astrologers) and is an active committee member of the APA (Association of Professional Astrologers) and the FAA (Federation of Australian Astrologers) National Examination Board as an Examiner & A.A.T. (Accredited Astrology Teacher).

Jeanni conducts astrology classes from Beginners to Advanced levels and is an empowering astrotherapist in ‘soul purpose’ horoscope consultations. She works with flower essences and the tarot with her clients/students for deep spiritual and emotional healing; and is available for one-to-one and skype consultations, lectures, articles for magazines plus workshops.

Jeanni is dedicated to promoting the spiritual journey and the evolution of human consciousness. Namaste.