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Robin Manteris



October Newsletter

Hello everyone!  Fall has fell.  Soon the trees will change color and the holidays are in view.  Let’s take a look at the planets for October.
First, let’s see what is here for us with the new moon on the 9th at 16 Libra.  This New Moon brings Venus and Pluto together which is a very powerful combination where love and money are involved.  As we know regarding love, it can be like nothing before but it also can be the dark side of a relationship.  Take a look at your relationships and take heed of what you see.  Proceed if all is well as it will be passionate but if there is a dark side to the relationship be honest with yourself and know that you deserve the best.
The Full Moon falls on the 24th at 1 Taurus.  We have a cast with it including Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune!  Jupiter and Uranus can be a road to a great unexpected surprise.  If this is strong in your chart, good luck could find you.  Neptune is also in the mix and can complement the Jupiter, Uranus energy……dreams come true…..or it could lead you make a move not in your interest in the long run.  If you take that step and it looks good, Neptune can add to it spiritually and creatively.
As for the planets, Mercury is in Libra until the 9th, where it goes into Scorpio.  This gives us the opportunity to travel and see friends and love ones until the 9th, then our attention will go to Scorpio which can be necessary losses for some, others may experience the ability as tenacity in your challenges..  News of new births in the family may come your way while necessary losses are possible as well.  Mars  gets into the fray at the beginning of our 3rd week in Aquarius.  Mercury, Mars and Neptune unite in the start of the 4th week.  If you are involved in creative endeavors, put this on your calendar and get it done!
Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus do a tango the last week of the month which can be a new and unusual romantic encounter which may or may not last but for sure it won’t be boring.
Robin Manteris