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Astro Bits  February 2018

Hello everyone,

Did any of you see the spectacular moon event last night? We had cloud cover here and so did not see it in this part of Colorado. Quite an end to the month! That said let’s take a look at February.

Since we were just talking about the Moon, let’s see what her majesty is doing in February. Our New Moon is at 27 Aquarius on the 15th. Contributing planets are Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus.
Uranus promises some surprises probably connected to communication or travel and that may be long travel for some of you. In any case be open to any good opportunity that comes your way! This is also a great time for trip to somewhere you have not been before! This is a great time to launch new projects as well. Just go with it!

The Full is actually not falling in this month, it occurs March 2nd so we will address that in the March letter.

Right around the 10th we have the Nodes, Mercury, Uranus and the Neptune in aspect. Again this seems a lot like more travel with people from the past and some contacts as well, pretty mush out of the blue. Neptune may have indecision on travel or difficulties getting a trip together so plan ahead double check all your travel plans.

Mid month Pluto and Mercury are strong and it is good time for negations and getting your agenda out there, just remember to keep it civil and that listening is just as important as speaking up.

We have a shorter month but it has a lot of punch in it. Don’t forget Valentines Day! Venus will be at 4 Pisces and so appropriate. Spread the Love!

Robin Manteris