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October Overview:
Have you felt stalled, stuck, or stymied over the past few months? That is about to change. Saturn in Capricorn has recently ended retrograde and Pluto in Capricorn will do the same just before midnight (PDT) on October 2. Time and reality now beat a more insistent drum.

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Aries forecast
You can get it under better control and net more tangible results now that both Saturn and Pluto are out of retrograde. Both planets are hard at work cementing a reality (actual, karmic). They’ve been on the clock for a significant length of time. While there’s still plenty to face, you are about three quarters of the way into the home stretch now.
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October can thrust you into the thick of it fast. Something could crack open or get steamy – one way or another, a relationship hits full steam ahead. Finances gain spotlight attention too. Watch for something to kick it up a notch in the second week of the month as Mercury (October 6), then Venus (October 12) form an opposition to Uranus.
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October is an action month. Starting October 3, Mars in Libra is one of your better transits for relationships and matters that are dear to your heart. It’s also good for connecting, conveying, and sharing. Before Mars delivers, there may be a threshold to cross or a few things to straighten out. It is a process, especially through the first half of the month.
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Time is moving forward. With both Saturn and Pluto (as of October 3) finished retrograde, you’ll now see an advance regarding a key relationship, contract, or evaluation process. It is a timely progression, but it isn’t anything new. It has been in the works for quite some time.
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Along with the recent completion of Saturn retrograde, the end of Pluto retrograde (October 3) can help you to make better progress regarding health, studies, a renovation project or a work-related matter. In addition to boosting your social life, Mars in Libra provides you with more viable avenues and options to explore. Use this Mars transit to spruce up your appearance or your offerings. Sometimes competition can be good incentive, especially when it helps you to up your game.
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Has something been holding you up? You’ll make better progress now that both Saturn and Pluto have finished their retrograde cycles. Mars in Libra loans you support from a background position, helping you to get back in touch with the parts of yourself that may have gone missing in recent months –and with folks too. Mars also helps you to sort out what’s of value or who is worthy of your time and attention.
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Have you felt weighted down, stalled, or as if you have been travelling with the brakes on these past few months?  Now that Saturn and Pluto have completed their retrograde tours, you can nail it down and/or cover better ground, especially regarding home and family matters. Progressively, choices, priorities, and timelines will define themselves.
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Incentive is not in short supply! October opens with four planets setting wheels in motion: Pluto ends retrograde (October 2) Mercury enters Scorpio and Mars enters Libra on the same day (October 3), and Venus enters Scorpio (October 8). Expect to hit a fresh track or gain a fresh wind over the first two weekends of the month, especially so October 6 and 12 – 14.
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Jupiter in Sagittarius has spent most of this year in dialogue with Neptune. Either you have felt this transit as good flow, as all promise and no delivery, or as continuous uncertainty. Perhaps it has been a combination of all three. The peak of the cycle is now surpassed. You’ll now gain a better sense of direction.
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Saturn has recently ended retrograde and as of October 2, Pluto in Capricorn will do the same. You may have felt the past five months as travelling with the brakes on, but the main purpose behind both retrograde cycles have been to cement your inner resolve. That’s just getting the baseline set. There’s still plenty of work yet to be done!
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Starting with end of Pluto retrograde and inner planets Mars, Mercury, and Venus on the move, the first half of the month holds several unblock it or bust up the concrete transits. You can feel this move-it- forward energy as a subtle undercurrent, a well-timed opportunity or brainstorm, or at the “in your face” level.  No matter what, things are not meant to stay the same! Improvement is your net gain.
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Have you been taking some time off? Waiting for a right moment or for something to come through, perhaps for better inspiration or a more solid sense of direction? Now that both Saturn and Pluto are finished with retrograde, you’ll be better able to see what’s on the road ahead, to gauge what’s real, more bankable or more viable in terms of the future and its prospects.
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