Noyes-Smith, Anita

Anita Noyes-SmithNoyes-Smith, Anita
Johannesburg, South Africa
+27 11 447 8961

Introducing Anita Noyes-Smith
Rated one of the top Medieval Astrologers in the world
Over 25 years study and experience
Nominated SA Business Woman of the Year in 2000 and again in 2001
Winner of 2 prestigious international awards:
International Star Award for Quality (Paris 2007)
Business Excellence Award (Paris 2009)
Writer, motivational speaker, lecturer and consultant to over 12,000 personal clients

With over twenty two years of astrological counselling experience, Anita’s client base extends into the thousands worldwide, and her unique and insightful approach to astrology has won her critical acclaim throughout the world. She writes for numerous magazines and has appeared as a guest astrologer on television programs both in South Africa and abroad. Her strong reputation in the astrological community has resulted in numerous invitations to the largest international conferences where she has taught and lectured.

Drawing on her teaching diploma from the University of Port Elizabeth, Anita has been teaching astrology and other related disciplines in Johannesburg and been invited to community and corporate affairs as a motivational speaker, lecturer and consultant. Having pioneered the concept of corporate astrology, her personal focus has been centered around groups and individuals on an executive level.

What does offer?
o Individual astrological consultations via the internet
o Comprehensive astrological reports on all aspects of life
o E-Learning facility for a range of courses, focusing primarily on Medieval Astrology, but with courses ranging from the Seven Liberal Arts to Entrepreneurial and social media.
o Online astrological library and reference centre
o Online shop for books, teaching aids and other astrologically related items plus an extensive selection of astrology reports.