Patry, Joni

Joni PatryPatry, Joni
Dallas, Texas

Joni Patry, Certified East/West Astrologer Joni Patry has been a practicing western astrologer and teacher for over 25 years. Her writings and research have been published in many astrological journals. She is a second
level certified Vedic astrologer, and is currently on the board and faculty with the American Council of Vedic Astrology (ACVA). As an approved tutor with ACVA she has an entire curriculum to certify her students. As the founder and director of the “Galactic Center” in Dallas, Texas she has built an astrological community through classes and a variety of workshops. She organized the first national conference of its kind “Eastern Astrology for Western Minds” for teaching the Western astrologer Vedic astrology. Her website has a complete course to learn Vedic astrology and is updated with monthly predictions.