Peña, Anthony L.

Peña, Anthony L.
Old Hickory, TN

Sporting degrees in the fields of Theology and Jurisprudence, Anthony L Peña, JD, (aka Dr Z ) was one of a handful of pioneering professional astrologers that, during the Internet’s infancy, recognized the untapped potential of the World Wide Web. In 1996, with much of the established astrology community caught “asleep at the wheel,” Anthony made his way into the unknown territory of the Internet opening his first astrology web site, The Zodiac Master.

A strong believer in local astrology, Anthony has always felt that folks tend to get more “bang for their bucks” through the experience of visiting a local astrologer. Therefore, during the early years that The Zodiac Master was on the Internet, Dr Z chose not to promote any of his astrological services. Instead, Anthony chose the (at that time) novel concept of entertaining, educating, and introducing the Internet to the fascinating world of astrology. At the time, providing the online world with an astrology site dedicated to informative articles and tutorials was virtually an unheard of phenomenon. Due to his initial efforts, in 1998, The Zodiac Master, was honored to be 1 of only 10 astrology sites selected for review in the November 1998 Edition of Yahoo Internet
Life Magazine! Finally, in 2001 The Zodiac Master started providing limited Internet astrology readings and reports
to Dr Z’s fans around the globe.

For over 7 years, from June 1999 through July 2006, Anthony (aka Dr Z) had the honor of serving the Internet at large as the expert astrology guide at During his 7 years spent at About, his guide site became a primary information hub known for quality astrology on the Internet, providing a wide variety of entertaining astrology tutorials, articles, and resources for visitors of all differing levels of astrological interest and knowledge.