Porte, Joan

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Joan PortePorte, Joan
Arlington, Virginia

Joan Porte provides clients with a detailed journey into their past lives and the karmic identity that they have been born into this time around. They learn what is their soul’s current purpose and how they can achieve that goal. Special attention is paid to Pluto, the Lunar Nodes, the angles, Chiron and retrograded planets.

An avid cook, Joan is also the author of “Signs of the Tines: The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook.” “Signs of the Tines” is a new breed of cookbook that combines personal astrology with a love for preparing and sharing delicious meals. The 295-page book with more than 120 recipes is written to celebrate a unique pairing of food and astrology. The website and book explain how to get your astrological food chart done and host astrological dinner parties.