Poulter, Aubyanne Meletio

Poulter, Aubyanne Meletio
Los Angeles, CA
214 202 6393

I’m Aubyanne Meletio Poulter; I’ve been practising for 25 years, and am currently a Moderator for the Interpersonal Astrology forum at www.linda-goodman.com

My specialties and area of expertise are karmic astrology, researching Twin Flame and Soul Mate connexions; I find markers and test data among moderate-sized populations.

Based out of Los Angeles, I’m from Dallas and travel frequently. I work over the phone and online, including some hotlines. I’ll work selectively in person, and enjoy having long-term clientele relationships — being a part of their development and changes over time.

I have experience in all of the major branches of astrology: many house systems, forms of calculation (Heliocentric versus Geocentric-Tropical and Sidereal) ranging from classical (basic planets and points, configurations, patterns) to modern (asteroids, Fixed Stars, Uranian) as well as synastry, composites, and Davison (relationship) comparisons, and transits, progressions, arc-directions, Solar (and Lunar, Venus and so on) Returns, and even Horary and Persona charts.

Ask me — I bet I either know it, or have at least explored it.