Radhakrishnan, Panamanna

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Panamanna RadhakrishnanRadhakrishnan, Panamanna
Chennai, India

I am Panamanna Radhakrishnan from palakkad kerala but setteled in chennai. My D.O.B is 13/07/1959 at 7:45 a.m in, palakkad district.I am married and have two childrens. my wife’s name is Vijayalakshmi Radhakrishnan, My daughter’s name is P.R. Rajasree B.Tech, she got married and setteled in America, My son P.R. Rakesh B.Tech is working as engineer in ‘Dell’ company in chennai. I’m parambarya astrologer ( Guru – Kaanipayyur Narayanan Nambudiri paad, kerala). I have participated and qualified in Astrology’ exam. I have also got Siromani pattam. I have also excelled in many debate competions at ‘Jyothi Jyothisha Samvadam’ trichur, kerala, I have also received ‘Certificate OF Honour’ ( shabarimala devaprashnam) I do service in astrology , numerology, vasthushastra, devaprashnam, thambulaprashnam, marriage matching. (Astrology related to science with maths), marriage, matching related to health, memory and suitable matching blood devaprashnam, thambulaprashnam is based on kerala.