Rasmussen, Eskild

Eskild RasmussenRasmussen, Eskild
Copenhagen, Denmark

I have studied western astrology since 1980. I began practicing astrology in 1988, and soon after, in 1989-1992, I was teaching astrology at night courses. I like doing astrological research, and to improve my skills in this area, I passed a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 1997.

I prefer the “real” astrology for “psychological” astrology. Real astrology is the kind of astrology that deals with “real” issues like: How long will I live? When will I marry? What kind of career should I pursue? Will my health improve or worsen? How can I make money? For this reason I use both natal charts and horary charts. I believe a natal chart cannot be interpreted, unless it has been properly rectified first, so in order to set up your chart I need not only your birth date, time and place, but also 4-5 rectification events (headlines: what happened?), dates and places. Once the chart has been rectified, I can make very precise predictions for you.

“I have created a tool, “AstroMate”, aimed at identifying members of a given category (e.g. profession) by the astrological chart alone. AstroMate is inspired by neural network technology, i.e. artificial intelligence. So far tests show that AstroMate is 90% accurate, but I think the precision can be improved even more.” Contact me for more information.