Ravenhall, Maureen

Maureen RavenhallRavenhall, Maureen
DFAstrol S, RCAstrol
Henley-on-Thames UK

Maureen Ravenhall is an experienced astrologer with a wide spread client base. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Astrological Studies and has a post graduate qualification in Astrological Counseling. As a State Registered Nurse, her area of interest has always been in the mind/body connection and using astrology as a preventative tool. With this in mind she recently published a book for children ‘Getting to know you’, to introduce them to the subject at an early age when they are eager to soak up anything, and firmly believing that by knowing yourself and using your potential you are likely to be a healthier person.

She has been actively involved in organizations in London for some years and was secretary of the Association of Professional Astrologers from 1996-2005. She has been Chair of what has now become the Association of Professional Astrologers International since September 2005. She was also on the council of the Astrological Association of Great Britain for three years.