Roberts, Evelyn

Evelyn RobertsRoberts, Evelyn
Santa Ynez Valley, CA
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
805-688-6789 U.S.
+ 62 8133 837 2598

Evelyn is a native of Scotland with homes in both Bali and California. She has been practicing professionally for 15 years and holds Certification from Liz Greene’s Centre for Psychological Astrology, a Diploma from The Faculty of Astrological Studies, and the C.A.P. qualification through ISAR. Her extensive astrological training in all psychological approaches and traditional techniques gives her a wide range of expertise. Besides having a thriving private practice she teaches classes at all levels and has hosted workshops for many other astrologers. She is co-author with 11 other astrologers of ‘Under One Sky’, published by Seven Paws Press in 2004. She has clients all over the world, and about half of her consultations are done by phone.

Evelyn is also an inveterate world traveler with a ‘2nd’ home in Bali, Indonesia. She is the official ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) Vice-President for Bali.

She is hosting residential Astrological Workshops in Ubud, in the foothills of this beautiful tropical island.