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Monthly Overview:

February opens with six planetary bodies in Aquarius, here is the list: Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Pallas Athene, and Mercury retrograde. Their combined effect brings a sense of new air pumped into the tires.
Mercury in Aquarius travels in retrograde motion from January 30 to February 20. As is typical for the cycle, expect revisits, backtracks, sidetracks, surprise repairs or expenses, and the out of the blue. Mercury in Aquarius keeps social and political matters on shake, not stir. A trend/the action could show good vitality, but it could be short-lived. Ride the wave while its looking good but don’t bank the long term. That’s not to say there’s no chance for future prosperity but simply that there are no real guarantees. The transit is good for a rethink or regroup and for finding unique solutions.
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Aries forecast

Fresh opportunity abounds. Mercury is in reverse motion through February 20, but the rest of the Aquarius group are on the take-flight runway. New ideas, interests, prospects, and conversations – for the most part, you should feel that things are shaping up quite well. Reinvent a little or a lot. Use the next few weeks to spruce up your website, social contact or social media activity.
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Taurus forecast

Expect the month ahead to keep you busy with one thing after another. Look to Mars in Taurus (to March 3) to keep you well fueled. Joining the Aquarius chorus from February 1 to 25, Venus in Aquarius finds you in the mood to take on something new. Saturn puts you under pressure to do so. You know it, you feel it in your bones, it is high time to roll up your sleeves and tackle the work/the project. Jupiter in Aquarius increases both incentive and need. By all means, explore fresh options. A new career path or self employment could be well timed. Don’t hesitate to cut yourself loose from a lifestyle or relationship that no longer turns your crank.
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Gemini forecast

February opens with Mercury in Aquarius at the start of a 3-week retrograde cycle and Venus at the start of a 3-week tour through the same sign.  As is typical of the retrograde cycle, expect to re-meet, revisit, or resume. February 5, Venus/Saturn can formalize it or make it official, bring you/it to a finish line or goal post. Mercury squares Mars on Feb 10, Venus conjuncts Jupiter Feb 11 and Venus crosses paths with Mercury retrograde on February 12. Watch for significant action, a defining moment, or a lucrative opportunity. Venus/Jupiter put everything on the increase. Venus/Mercury can dish up déjà vu, or a destiny in the making moment.
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Cancer forecast

It is time for a rethink! In fact, it is time for a lot more than that. February opens with Mercury in Aquarius at the start of a three-week retrograde cycle. Venus treks into Aquarius on February 1. That rounds out a total of 6 planets in transit through Aquarius. These transits can pile on the stress and guesswork, especially re finances or an intimate or close relationship. A relationship or communication track can reach a breaking point. On the other hand, something brand new can utterly consume you. Prospects can be exciting, but guesswork and uncertainty is still in the mix while Mercury retrograde continues (to February 20).
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Leo forecast

Tired of social distancing and zoom meetings? Join the crowd! Mercury in Aquarius is at the start of a 3- week retrograde cycle. One way or another, the transit puts you back in touch. Watch for the unexpected. In addition to an added spotlight on the social end of things, Mercury retrograde also keeps you focused on revitalizing your business, client base, social life or love life, developing new products, updating your website or social profile,  and/or making better inroads. Venus in Aquarius, February 1 to 25, is good for doing just that.
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Virgo forecast

The month ahead could see you make a turnaround regarding a work situation. Too, you could make better progress with studies or your health. Venus in Aquarius (February 1 to 20). can improve teamwork, collaborative undertakings, and relationships on the job. In general, the transit helps you to make better inroads where it adds up best. February 5, Venus/Saturn take you to a finish-line, goal post, wrap up, or get you past a roadblock and/or over the hump. Use this day to get down to business, to finish it or to make it official.
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Libra forecast

February opens with six planets in Aquarius, including Mercury at the start of three-week retrograde tour and Venus at the start of a three-week tour of this same sign. Expect the typical offerings from Mercury retrograde, i.e. revisits, revisions, backtracks, sidetracks, and surprises. Second chances and repeat success are also within scope.
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Scorpio forecast

Don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon! One way or another, six planets touring Aquarius can make for one thing after, another especially regarding home and family matters. Stress, uncertainty, opportunity, and excitement are signatures of Aquarius. There are times when intuition and synchronicity serve you well and times when you can pat yourself on the back for that stroke of genius moment.  
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Sagittarius forecast

February opens with Mercury in Aquarius at the start of a 3-week retrograde tour. As is typical of the transit, expect a change of mind or plan, yours, or theirs. A revisit, revision, sidetrack, or backtrack is also common. One way or another, folks resurface, (even if just through the mind’s eye). Venus in Aquarius, February 1 to 25, can enhance communication tracks, creativity, your social life, and your popularity (in general, personal, professional, and one on one). As they say, make hay while the sun shines.
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Capricorn forecast

February opens with 6 planetary bodies in Aquarius. Mercury in Aquarius is at the start of a 3-week retrograde tour, and Venus is at the start of her 25-day tour of this sign. Aquarius stars help you to reinvent in a major way, to see with new eyes, to feel with a new heart. You’ll find yourself more resourceful and resilient. Intuition keeps you especially quick on the ball. Watch for new capacities, talents and prospects to emerge. 
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Aquarius forecast

Feeling buzzed up? There’s no need for caffeine with 6 planets in Aquarius to keep you hot wired. Venus in Aquarius (February 1 to 25) and Mercury retrograde (January 30 to February 20) are the newest additions to the mix.
As is typical of the cycle, Mercury retrograde can see you on a revisit, backtrack or sidetrack. Too, it could prompt more questioning and second guessing. Time out to check in with yourself and to regroup sets the stage for better objectivity.
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Pisces forecast

Six planets in Aquarius keeps it on brew, but out of sight. Mercury in Aquarius tours retrograde from January 30 to February 20. Venus tours Aquarius from February 1 to 25. Both are excellent for taking time out from your usual activities to devote to creative projects, to replenish, study, heal, or soul search. Allow yourself extra time to think things through, to observe and get a better feel. Mercury will end retrograde on February 20, but it won’t advance into Pisces until March 15. The process stretches into the next month or so.
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