Rostant, Beverley

Beverley RostantRostant, Beverley
Marlbank Ontario, Canada

Beverley Rostant has been consulting in the area of astrology since 1990. She has counseled folks nationally and internationally, from members of Royal families, company VP’s to average individuals. She holds a license in Medical Laboratory Technology, a field she has worked and continues to work in since 1977. She specializes in Medical Astrology, Progressed/ Solar Return charts, Rectification, Synastry, Horary and Natal charts. She teaches astrology classes on line, and is a research member of the American Federation of Astrologers 2006. She is also an Associate member of the CAAE (The Canadian Association for Astrological Education), where she teaches many astrology classes online. She was selected to sit on the Editorial Board of the Kingston Whig Standard for 2002.

Specialty: Medical Astrology
The Medical Astrology chart will show when a person may have a medical crisis according to their birth chart. These charts are a warning only to seek professional advice at certain critical times, and are in no way to be used for a diagnosis. Each report is interpreted by me personally and typed out in a specified format. It is then emailed to you where you can then email back any questions about the chart. The questions are included in the cost of the chart.