Scott, Kathleen CAP

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Kathleen ScottScott, Kathleen CAP
Rosarito Beach, Baja, Mexico
52 661 616-2393
949 340-0615

I have successfully counseled, taught and lectured on Astrology in southern California, since 1976. I currently reside in Anaheim, CA as well as northern Baja, Mexico and am available for on-line or telephone consultations. I have been a featured cruise ship lecturer with Sixth Star Entertainment & Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and was a featured Astrologer for CLUB MED and MAGIC ISLAND, in Newport Beach, CA. My credentials include having successfully completed the course “Harmonics in Astrology” in 1976 at Girton College, Cambridge, England under John Addey & Charles Harvey. I have written 4 Self-Discovery Workbooks in Astrology for Beginners, Teens & Young Adults, Intermediate & Advanced students of Astrology, as well as many articles on Astrology for national women’s magazines. I created the ASTROCards© for beginning students of astrology as well as for the novice to learn how to read their own chart at a glimpse. My busy schedule no longer allows time for me to write my Astrological advice column, “Your Rising Sign”. I am an ISAR certified Astrologer and have been a Board Member for SCAN, the Southern California Astrological Network. I am available for SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS, ASTROLOGY PARTIES & ASTROLOGY WORKSHOPS.

Kathleen Scott has an oceanfront B&B which is available for workshops and seminars dealing with Metaphysical and Astrological subject matters. Oceanfront B&B
VONAGE in Mexico (949) 340-0615 MEX CELL (661) 616-2393