Sebastian, James

James SabastionSebastian, James
Portland, OR
(503) 728-8819

James Sebastian is a professional astrologer living in Portland Oregon. James graduated from The New School for Social Research in philosophy and psychology, is a certified Horary astrologer from the School of Traditional Astrology, and has trained extensively in Hellenistic Astrology under Demetra George and classical Astrology under Deborah Houlding and others. He is a member of the AFA, NCGR, Oregon Astrological Association and ISAR. One of the main areas of research that James is currently undertaking is in classical and ancient astrology in the Buddhist tradition. He has been a student in the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism for over 20 years and has also studied in the Kagyu and Shambhala lineages. He focuses on synthesizing traditional astrology and the issues of modern life.