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Ray SetteSette, Ray
Lundhurst, NJ
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Time and again, metaphysics has played an important part in Ray’s existence and life’s experience. “My Spiritual knowing helps me to strip away all the excess so I see my life at its most basic,” Ray confesses. “Like a caterpillar creates a cocoon to transform itself into a butterfly, so I use metaphysics and spirituality to reinvent myself.”

Ray uses his spiritual and metaphysical knowing as a sort of guidepost on his journey through life. By understanding planetary energy and the aspects of planetary placement in the heavens, and our connection to Spirit, he is able to look into the past at the choices he made that were not necessarily choices that served him, understand why he made the choices he did, and understand what he could do to create a different situation for himself – a different life – that he might not have considered before but, he discovered, could serve him better and allow him to gain deeper insight into himself. He could more clearly discern opportunities – choices – ahead of him and then choose the path more befitting the individual he wanted to become.

By October of 2003, radio stations around the world were inviting Ray to be their guest, and he soon began guest appearances on various morning news and lifestyle television programs! And, in 2004, Ray ventured into another medium–print–with his writing appearing in consumer periodicals, including Dell Horoscope and other Spiritual and Metaphysical publications.

Ray has been heard in Cork, Ireland (on RedFM 104-106), London, England (BBC 94.9 FM), and across the United States. Since January 2006, he has appeared as a regular guest on the “Frank DeCaro Show” on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. His television appearances have included syndicated morning lifestyle shows such as “Daytime” and “Better TV,” and the popular New Jersey cable TV show “One On One with Steve Adubato.”

On why he enjoys radio and television interviews: “What I do is what I love to do, and having the opportunity to interact with others while sharing my expertise on such a grand scale is exciting and fulfilling.” Though Ray is often asked to discuss predictions ranging in topics from celebrities to political figures to the state of economy, he is most gratified to be able to impress on audiences how “Spirituality is really a means to help on one’s path through life.”

Ray’s web site continues to grow in popularity as the number of visitors frequenting the site each month rises. The visitors hail from places as close as his hometown to as far away as Australia. He’s able to provide frequent updates on astrological forecasts for the Full and New Moon. He also charts any current planetary movement, such as the Mercury retrograde. You can even check out the site to learn when he will next be a featured guest expert on a radio or television show!

Since going full time in his metaphysical and spiritual profession, he is no longer bogged down by the mental strain of work politics. In fact, Ray has become even more intuitive. His mind has opened and he is more receptive to messages given to him from the universe. Although he was aware of Spirit energy, specifically of those who have transitioned into the Spirit Realm since a very, very young age, Ray had not completely sharpened his ability to interact with those who have departed the physical realm and have transitioned into Spirit. Once he began delving into his metaphysical profession on a full-time basis, the spectral doors opened wide, and the lines of communication became abundantly clear. At this point, Ray was being invited into private homes, as well as public establishments, where he conducts his psychic/gallery events.

When asked how he came to write his book, The Planets Align so Rare: Twelve Dimensions to the Human Potential, Ray explained, “I was in a place of a high spirit vibration when Spirit bestowed upon me the inspiration for this book. This revelation came to me in part because of my desire to create something that would influence humanity through the realization of the human potential, which resides in each and every human being.”

In 2009, Ray became ordained and is now “Rev. Ray!” He performs and conducts non-denominational and spiritual wedding and funeral services.

Ray Sette makes his home in a quiet New Jersey town outside New York City. For more information about Ray, please visit his web site at