Sharma, Arun

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Arun SharmaSharma, Arun
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I am ARUN SHARMA,48 years of age,qualified Mechanical Engineer,practicing Vedic – Astrology and other forms of Astrology,for the past 20 plus years. With time I have become Experienced and Expert in my field. I have done extensive research on the concept of RETROGRADE PLANETS and Past Lives Karmas or Past Lives Regressions. I did an extensive research astrologically into the death of famous world leaders and famous personalities world over and checked the planets at the time of untimely and violent deaths of these leaders and famous personalities.

I also did extensive research into the Curse of Planet Jupiter in Females horoscopes regarding her marriage and relationships in general. Over the years, I have seen thousands of birth charts and become an expert in predicting any thing my people asked for. I am an expert in giving advice for health,wealth,marriage,progeny,relationships, foreign settlement,bad phases, good phases, career, options for young people as per their birth charts or horoscopes, Inheritance, court cases, business, job, friends, fun, gains, properties, and almost all the topics.
Besides, I can write beautiful, real, authentic and interesting topics on various astrological events happening world over from time to time and its effects, for example, Solar/Lunar Eclipses, Blood Moon, Earth quakes etc.
I am an expert in recommending gems and stones to enhance luck after checking horoscopes.