Silbert, Steven

Steven SilbertSilbert, Steven
Capetown SO. Africa

“Steven has degrees from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, has various certifications from &, global online standards in certification and is Google AdWords certified.

On a more social level, Steven reads everything : fiction, non-fiction, history, politics and travel. Besides that, Steven has an interest in astrology and the para-normal, reading tarot cards and palms, economics and business. Football and middle-distance running are coupled with collecting Victorian postage stamps. He is also a proud member of Mensa for about as long as he can remember. He is widowed with two sons, Brice and Ross Silbert. Politically and economically, Steven is centre-right and believes in small government, low taxes and strong incentives for the small entrepreneur to succeed.

Steven has been a student of astrology for some 30 years and with a background in mathematics, and a belief in Karma, quickly understood the symbolism of outer-planet movement and its correlation with inner yearnings of the soul. This created a quest which is forever ongoing. Following on from several real-life traumas, Steven has been able to pin-point trends at a glance, identify the roles that others play in our lives and hone in on the exact nature of a problem over time and space.

Appointments for chart readings are accepted worldwide. Written reports and Skype discussions are provided to provide absolute clarity on both the past and the way ahead.”