Smith, Elizabeth

Elizabeth SmithSmith, Elizabeth
Astrologer/ Astrocartographer
Brooklyn, New York
917 593-3661

About Elizabeth Smith

With more than 36 years experience, master astrologer and astrocartography expert Elizabeth Smith is a gifted counselor and seasoned speaker with a passion for facilitating liberation with this life-changing knowledge. She learned her stellar craft from the greats of the astrological world: Isabel Hickey, Jim Lewis, Liz Greene and Robert Pelletier as well as through direct transmissions from the natural world while dwelling in deep communion with the elements for nineteen years. Elizabeth brings a fun-loving spirit, calm vitality and proven intuition to her wisdom-centered work which she attributes to four decades of harmonizing Universal and Earth energies in the practice of 4 styles of Qigong.

She teaches in the most reputable healing and spiritual education centers in New York City including Maha Rose, Heal Haus, Minka Brooklyn and The Alchemist’s Kitchen and has spoken in university classrooms, corporate venues and wellness, healing and spiritual education centers around the US. Through an integrated understanding of people and planets, her private consultations and dynamic group workshops invoke inspiration, clarity and healing of mind, body and spirit for clients and students from around the globe.