Soffer, Shirley

Shirley Soffer Soffer, Shirley
New York, NY

Shirley Soffer is certified by the NCGR-PAA (National Council for Geocosmic Research) Professional Astrologers Alliance. She is a consulting astrologer with an active practice in New York City, where she is also on the teaching faculty of the NYC Chapter of NCGR. She has held weekly classes in interpretation for advanced beginners and intermediate students on a continuous basis since 1994. She has also written, lectured, and conducted workshops on a variety of astrological topics and is the author of The Astrology Sourcebook: Your Guide to the Symbolic Language of the Stars, newly reprinted and updated in 2011 from its original 1998 edition, and available directly by emailing

In her consulting work, Shirley draws from the teachings of Carl G. Jung by integrating psychology, mythology, and dreams with astrology’s rich symbolism. To enhance these skills, Shirley participated from 1994-1998 at the C.G. Jung Center in their Professional Training Seminars, a series of courses of study geared to those in the helping professions. She has worked as a consulting astrologer since 1988, providing individual chart delineations as well as couples synastry, composite charts, relocation charts, and other astrological services tailored to the needs of her clients. Her intent is not to present astrology as a method of control or even as a predictive tool, but rather as a cosmic mirror that reflects our innate character and soul — thereby helping us see, discover, and develop ourselves to our best capacity.

In her organizational life, Shirley serves on the NCGR-PAA Board as Director of Education, where she is responsible for administering the certification tests to both national and international students.