Staunton, Linda

Linda StauntonStaunton, Linda
Bayswater North, VIC Australia
03 972 33496

I am a professional Astrologer and Tarot practitioner. Over the past decade I have had the honour of consulting with many people, using Astrology, Tasseomancy and the Tarot to help guide and offer insight at times of personal transition. I am genuine about my work, and enjoy it immensely – I consider it to be my specialcalling or vocation in life. All my work is undertaken in an ethical manner and with the utmost honesty and integrity. The results of an astrological consultation are often spookily accurate, and can provide answers to questions (horary), give insights into personality (natal), help you see the direction that your life is heading over the next year (solar return), narrow down the most auspicious time to begin something new (electional astrology) or even provide an indicationof ongoing or upcoming health issues (health analysis). My specialties are: Horary Astrology, Natal Assessment, Vocational/Career, Personalised Forecasting, Relocational Charts.

In order for you to get the most out of your consultation with me I encourage you to enter the consultation with an open mind and an open heart. My approach to Astrology has a mythic, psychological, archetypal and traditional perspective rather than a ‘fortune teller’ approach. Due to my background in ritual and ceremony, I am able to assist in the creation of talismans or amulets and isolate magically auspicious times should a client be open to this. It is my intention to provide insightful, accurate and helpful Astrological consults while keeping ‘do no harm’ in mind at all times. Consultations are available by email, telephone or in person.
Qualifications and Training
Currently studying Diploma in Vedic Astrology (Dirah Academy, London)
Certificate in Applied Astrology (Astrosynthesis 2011)
Diploma of Horary Astrology (Ambrosia Astrology School 2011)
Diploma of Marriage Celebrancy (International College of Celebrancy 2009)
Certificate in Kabbalah (Institute of Esoteric Studies 2008)
Directing Life Ceremonies (Australian Celebrations 2007)
Certificate in Astrology & Cosmobiology (Australian College of Astrology &
Cosmobiology (1999)
Certificate in Tarot Studies (Institute of Esoteric Studies 1999)

Professional Associations
Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia (2001)
Member of Victorian Astrologers Association (1999)