Sturite, Baiba

Baiba SturiteSturite, Baiba
Riga, Latvia (Europe)

Baiba Sturite – vedic astrologer, author and teacher of self-development, Vastu Shastra and vedic astrology courses.

The purpose of my life is to share knowledge, energy and experience to motivate, heal and help to come out from any crisis situation quickly and by own forces. In my work, I use unique methods that have proven themselves in a long-lasting practice, combining knowledge from more than ten esoteric sciences to achieve the best result.
We are born to be what we are in reality – unique and free! I have helped many people to find themselves and to take the first step in changing their lives and fully to implement those karmic goals of why each of us was born.


Vedic astrologer (India)
Vastu Shastra consultant certificate (India)
Ashtanga and hatha yoga teacher certificate (India)
Esoteric astrologer diploma (Latvija)
Astrologer certificate (London)
Reiki Master and Teacher certificate (London)

Vedic astrology consultation fee is €120 for hour.
Location: Riga (permanently), London and Prague (according to work schedule) or Online via skype or audio recording.

I help to find an explanation and offer practical solutions to problems related with finding your place in life and understanding karmic life challenges, getting out of crisis situations, depression, illness, talents, relationships, children, home and career change.

As a rule, during my consultations, my clients feel relief and calm down regarding the problem that aroused before them previously. Later on, the energy that is released when it comes out of fear, helps to solve even the most complicated situations of life quickly and with positive results.

During the consultations, I outline the current situation of the client’s life without asking questions, with an emphasis on why the client has come to me, what happened in his/her life in recent years, what is happening now and what events are expected in the next 2-3 years. I get prepared for the consultations in advance, so there is an opportunity to go into the Vedic horoscope in essence, seeing the causes of the karmic problems and finding answers to any questions.

For astrology consultation I would need to know: a date, place and time of birth (if known). For the relationship compatibility horoscope, a partner’s birth date is also needed.