Schwab, Bonnie

Schwab, Bonnie Boulder, Lafayette, Denver CO Boulder Astrology. Bonnie Schwab offers more than 30 years experience as a trustworthy, compassionate, and insightful guide. She invites conversation about urgent questions, deepest longings, and dreams waiting to be revealed. Her … Read More

Collins, Christina

Collins, Christina Celestial Resource Boulder, Colorado 303-665-9996 – editor Vedic astrologer (Jyotish), Vachaspati Christina Collins began her 60 years of sidereal astrological studies with her maternal grandfather in 1955 at the age of seven, incorporating the Vedic … Read More

Alieksaites, Jodi

Alieksaites, Jodi Boulder, Lafayette, Denver, CO 303.499.9893 I am not a predictive astrologer and I do not “tell fortunes.” I am most profoundly in to assisting my clients and students to come into their own personal power through … Read More