Hyde, Maggie

Hyde, Maggie London, England maggie@coa.org.uk www.maggiehyde.com I am an astrologer and diviner, studying cosmology and divination at the University of Kent, where I am doing postgraduate research on divination for modern times. In 1983, I co-founded the Company of Astrologers, … Read More

Hammond, Richard Gideon

Hammond, Richard Gideon San Diego, CA www.secretlyobvious.com SecretlyObviousAstrology@gmail.com Richard is an inventor, scientist, computer engineer, carpenter, chemist, philosopher, and astrologer. After living in France for 11 years, when he came to America, he realized this country is in desperate need … Read More

Bennett, Naomi

Bennett, Naomi Austin, TX 512 619-9255 naomibennett9@yahoo.com www.learnastrologynow.com Naomi has been an astrologer since 1970. She currently lives in Austin, Texas with an astrology practice and teaches the subject locally. With a BA in Psychology, she is sympathetic to the … Read More