Rao, C.S

Rao, C.S M.A.,(Astrology) M.B.A.,LL.B. Hyderabad, India +91-9440348175 www.astrocounselor.com www.jyotishasakalahadaru.com csr162002@yahoo.com C.S.Rao is qualified in Astrology with M.A. (Astrology) degree from P.S.Telugu University, Hyderabad (India). Honorary Titles : aboutusDaivagna Siromani; K.P.Sidhanta Siromani; Jyotisha Visarada; Jyotisha Bhaskara; Jyotisha Acharya; Jyotisha Vidya Bhushana; … Read More

Bisbo, Henrik

Bisbo, Henrik D.F.Astrol. S Bisbo Astrology +65 8111 4773 www.bisboastrology.com Enquiry@bisboastrology.com A Singapore based Danish national I have studied and practiced Western astrology for more than 20 years alongside my career in international shipping. In 2012 I obtained the Diploma … Read More