Thomas, Faith

Faith ThomasThomas, Faith
Brugge, Belgium

My name is Faith and I’m a self-taught astrologer in the evolutionary tradition. I have a particular interest in the soul growth potential of relationships, outer planet transits and the mysterious and sometimes painful ways of Pluto. Since beginning my study of astrology in 1996 I’ve come to realize what a powerful tool it is for personal growth. It inspires us to work through our life lessons and find peace and well-being. I’d like to help others access this tool and the focus of my practice is to empower you to learn and apply the language of astrology.
Before taking up astrology as a full-time practice I worked for many years in community development, education for sustainability and youth mentoring. My formal studies include a Masters in Education (Social Ecology), majoring in collaborative learning. Although born in Australia I currently live in Belgium with my Flemish husband.

I believe astrology gives us insight into the slowly unfolding evolution of our consciousness. When we are in the midst of this process it’s difficult to see beyond our individual struggles and drama. Astrology helps us see the bigger picture. As such it has much in common with a map, but being four dimensional it’s also very much like a clock! With it we can see where we are in this great unfolding, and how our struggles are a part of something greater than ourselves.
Astrology is also like a fractal in that no matter what scale you look at it, both macrocosm and microcosm have the same patterns. When we look at the macrocosm, the planets, we can gain insight into the microcosm, our individual patterns of character and behaviour. These behaviours and tendencies may be holding us back from true freedom in our lives; astrology can show us what needs to be released for us to move forward, as well as helping us move through unhealthy relationship dynamics.

I love hearing from other students of astrology so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you feel drawn to. My birth chart is here for those who are curious 🙂