Uribe Adriana

Adriana UribeUribe, Adriana
Aberdeen, Scotland UK

After graduating from psychology I started studying astrology with Ana Moyano. Astrology requires dedication to self-discovery and serious study to achieve a clear level of understanding of its principles and methods before interpreting a client’s chart. The process is transforming both internally and externally and probably leaves you with more questions than answers (if you do it correctly). This experience with Ana allowed me to appreciate how serious and important it is to work towards understanding the self before using any technique believed to give you immediate answers.

After working together, we developed a guidance book “El Viaje del Sol” to help individuals to gain understanding on how to use astrology in their daily lives without the negative implications of traditional astrological predictions. This guide also give way to our Facebook page Viaje del Sol where we post messages based on astrological events translated to the human experience. After four years of tuition and work with Ana, I moved to the UK where I joined the Faculty of Astrological Studies. This was another step forward as I received my diploma and started working as a professional astrologer in Scotland in 2010.

Amongst the astrology services I offer are the following:
Natal chart interpretation: interpreting your map as you navigate through life; your potentials and how these influence your decision making, preferences and even relationships

Solar Revolution: an interpretation of your natal chart at your birthday date for the year ahead -typically involving the main theme to experience during the year
Progressions: analysis of your life phases and your astrological journey to accomplish your mission.

Synastry: there are astrology techniques to analyse compatibility between two individuals or events in order to understand potentials and ways to overcome possible shortcomings. Please note that I cannot run a synastry report without previous consent of both parties.

Horary astrology: people planning a big event such as opening a new business or getting married often consult me regarding horary astrology to help them find the best time and date to start new ventures. This is an ancient technique of impressive accuracy.

There are other techniques and analysis that can be carried out depending on the specific query and I suggest you to contact me free of cost if you would like to know whether I can help you or not. As a matter of principle, I would not accept any job unless I am completely convinced that I can help.

I work with regular clients who come to see me when they have important events coming up in their lives and welcome new clients who are naturally very curious and skeptic since most people’s contact with astrology has not gone beyond the newspapers horoscopes. My approach to astrology is holistic and I do not subscribe to any particular school of thought as experience has showed me that above all, the astrologer is interpreting the map of a client and therefore must understand his or her private language. Sometimes clients would be looking for practical answers whilst in other instances, during an interpretation session they realise that the initial question was just at the surface of something much deeper.

I offer astrology sessions both face to face in Aberdeen and through Skype. In addition to my private practise, I also write a blog (http://myastrologyjourney.blogspot.co.uk) following the principle of connecting our personal experiences with the cosmos.