Vacek, Radko

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Radko VacekVacek, Radko
Toledo, Ohio

My name is Radko “Merlyn” Vacek. I was born in Brazil on November 18, 55, 11:50 pm Rio time. With Pluto in my first house and my sun in Scorpio, highlighted close to the nadir, I have a lot of Scorpio in me. I continue to live every minute as if it were the last, which, as a typical Scorpio, always has meant feeling my way through life, and pondering those things that elicit the strongest of feelings, including death, without repressing them. This is what much of psychology is about, a very Scorpio subject, so I majored in psychology, earning a B.A. in general psychology, and an M.A. in psychology with an emphasis on counseling. I have used my broad educational background in my writing and astrological counseling. I live in the area of Toledo, Ohio, USA. I was a contributing writer for a full year to I have had five articles published on, with two pending, as of June 1, 2014. My astrological article there, The Language of the Stars, has had about 68200 views RSS. One of my pending articles also is on astrology. My specialty is relationship compatibility.

I may be contacted in any of these ways: my email,, and through the websites, and, or by the business phone, “Once in a Blue Moon” @ 419-810-1478.