Walke, Rajpal

Rajpal WalkeWalke, Rajpal
New Rajendra Nagar
New Delhi, India

Rajpal Walke is an astrologer based in New Delhi. He has been consultant with other portals also. He has been giving his knowledge on Vedic Astrology to many people for the past 10 yrs. He is a man with an attitude of Simple living and High thinking. He is an expert in various aspects of Astrology like Confident with Prashari system of astrology, Reiki, Palmistry, Face reading, Tarot card reader and Hypnosis.

He has learned the basics of Astrology from his Guru, Bhartiya Vidhy Bhawan, New Delhi, Sanskrit Vidhyapith, New Delhi and Astro Science Research Organization (ASRO), a premier organization of India for imparting education in Astrology

With God grace and blessing of his Guru, he is known for her much accurate predictions and timings of events for well known people in different walks of life. He has a firm believe that though astrology one can be guarded against the odds of life. Utter devotion, Prayers and Remedies can do Miracles in One’s life.

He has so far published 12 papers on astrology, all on predictive astrology and general astrology. With this he is also involved in further research and writings in field of astrology. He serves people all across the globe. His followers believe that he is blessed extraordinarily by the Almighty. Presently he is also involved with astro -research in various deeper matters
of life.

Being very quick in replying to queries. He is very popular in India at national and international level. He modestly attributes his success as an astrologer to the blessings of his Guru

He believes that if a prediction comes true there is nothing to feel proud about because this is the minimum thing that a person expects from an astrologer. He feels that Astrology should be used as a self development tool to achieve the inner talent every human being possesses. Astrology can be used for self development and choosing different aspect of life’s. He is doing research work based on self study and experience gained from day to day predictions specially on character analysis and in choosing a career. His tendency in helping people has made him devote his energies mainly towards astrological consultations.

His style of remedial measure is unique and simple. He is influenced by Dr. Gola renowned astrologer for DAN DWARA ROGOKA NIDAN. He suggests to donate from whatever we use in our day to day life for survival among the poor and weaker section of society. He feels that donation is the best way to reduce our problem. He suggests other remedies also.

Presently he is doing research on how to decide either kundli is of male of female.