Waterfall, Tony

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Tony WaterfallWaterfall, Tony
Vancouver BC Canada

Tony is interested in astrology and the linking of multiple charts (progressed/relocated) (tropical/sidereal) (geocentric/heliocentric) using Exactitudes (the exact timing of angular interaction) and Apparent Motion (direct and retrograde motions).

2016 CPI Theory is published and available as a 325 page paperback and as an eBook at Amazon worldwide.

CPI Theory Part One was published in print in the NCGR 2014 Research Journal

CPI Theory Part Two is to be serialized in the NCGR Research Journal starting in 2015 and continuing through 2016 and 2017.

Tony Waterfall between 1995 and 2000 published three of his astrological theories:
A Theory of Apparent Motion
A Theory of Exactitudes
A Theory of the Vertex

Some past accomplishments include:
Director of Registration, Canadian Astrological Directory
Director of Registration, Waterfall Astrological Directory
Director of Registration, World Astrological Directory
Director British Columbia Astrological Society
British Columbia Coordinator Canadian Independent Astrologers Order

Received in 1974 the first business license ever given to an astrologer from the City of Vancouver, Canada, In the 1970’s he operated a six person Astrology Chart Business and worked with noted psychologist Eugene Bonny where using a system of progressed moon cycles obtained an 80% success rate in helping couples hold relationships together.

Starting with the Canadian Astrological Directory Tony Waterfall and Publisher/Astrologer Robin Armstrong produced The World Astrological Directory listing astrologers from 28 different countries. Tony has met and corresponded with 100’s of astrologers all over the world.

The Canadian Retrograde Research Program was started in 1980 by Tony who worked exclusively on Apparent Motion for 15 years until 1995 when he published A Theory of Apparent Motion.

In 1995, Tony was the host of an online program he called the “Astrology Hour” located in the Matrix Forum on MSN. Tony completed 320 continuous weeks of the “Astrology Hour”. He was joined by Astrologers Eveleen Jackson, Joan Kellogg and PJ. Garner as co-hosts and many other astrologers.

In 1997 along with astrologers P.J.Garner and Don Le Couteur Tony co-founded AstrologyNewAge an Astrology Forum with chat rooms and newsgroups where some of Tony’s articles were published.

Tony has published what is perhaps the most extensive collection of charts on the 1997-1999 series of school shootings. Eleven locations were charted and all progressed to the shooting moment using exact times and location.

Tony has published online an extensive collection of charts for the last three American Presidential Elections incorporating all candidates from primaries to Election Day. The 2000 American election is published.

Tony has been a member of Astronomy Forums and is a regular subscriber to NASA newsletters on matters astrophysical.

Tony’s link to the Amazon book link page. https://www.amazon.com/Tony-Waterfall/e/B00MYGXNNO/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1424371626&sr=1-1