Watson, Phillipa

Watson, Phillipa
Queens Park, Perth, W. Australia

I’ve been doing astrology properly with charts for about 10 years now, long enough to look at a chart and see a person, not a diagram. I’ve done many charts for various people, including twins and triplets. I have seen over and over again how accurate horoscope charts are, and how accurate they are in daily life, especially at the end of a day AFTER events have occurred and at the time I had been completely unaware of the chart in recent times, and seen that the writing was on the wall. So now I check very, very regularly to check where the planets are in relationship to my chart and take care when necessary. So, with 10 years, it’s safe to say, I’m experienced and accurate.

Personalized Chart Interpretations all done by hand using your date, time and place of birth to give a reading answering questions, analyze situations and enable you to got to know yourself better and patterns in your life. All readings are detailed, in depth, honest and accurate. They are done by hand so they are not merely a compilation of computerized interpretations. They take into account the whole chart. Check my website for details on services and fees.

Soon I’ll hopefully be going to university online to study ancient history and philosophy. I just have to wait for my children to be old enough to be less
dependent on me. For the record, I’m a Taurus with Scorpio rising.

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