Weale, Marcy Kay

Marcy Kay WealeWeale, Marcy Kay
Humanity Rising Astrology
White Mountains of AZ

Marcy uses the ancient system of sidereal astrology and maintains a private practice, Humanity Rising Astrology, in the White Mountains of Arizona. Marcy specializes in natal personality, synergy compatibility, current transits (life events), business charts, and career life path astrology. Keys to her unique approach are her analytical abilities to integrate the outer personality with the “soul” composite, based upon the soul being the driving force of our experiences and destiny. Marcy served on the Board of the Arizona Society of Astrologers for 8 years and has been a professional astrologer for 10 years. She is the author of Humanity Rising Astrology E-News , a free email news letter containing analysis of current events and people and ancient topics in astrology, as well as offers discount coupons on readings. She is a long time student of esoteric studies of the Rosicrucian (philosophy of enlightenment) and Martinist (Kabbalah) traditions. Esoteric studies provide detailed understanding of how the earth plane ( humankind and planet Earth), is harmonized with the planetary plane (filtered cosmic forces which influence the moment of birth and the projection of the life force). Consultations are provided to the client by emailed report or by phone. For a consultation or to begin receiving the Humanity Rising Astrology free E-News, please contact Marcy at the email address or phone number above.