Wolter, Adam

Adam WolterWolter, Adam
Minneapolis, MN

I started my studies of astrology in 1999, as a 20-year-old seeker with a healthy dose of skepticism. When the teacher I’d befriended convinced me to do the science of following the risings and settings of the planets, and transits of the planets to my natal chart, I was dumbstruck by the undeniable, precisely timed connections I found again and again. I’ve been
on a mission since, learning and refining effective techniques for helping others experience the relevant magic that the living sky has to offer.

Most of my training has been from the trenches of life experience, and frequently sharing updates from my journey with that same friend who first introduced me to the art (Joseph Osowski). I’ve also taken a few intensive workshops from Steven Forrest, Moses Siregar, and Martin Bulgerin. I love teaching others ways to observe and cooperate with the precise timings of celestial events, and to get creative with, and grateful for this beautiful, vibrantly living aspect of our natural world.