Zito, Claudio Antonio

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Zito, Claudio Antonio
Turin, Italy

Zodiac Sign: PISCES
Ascending: LIBRA
Luna in: GEMINI
At the age of ten I discovered astrology reading the Astra magazine that my mother bought monthly.
I immediately recognized myself as a sign of Pisces, and so I began to wonder if this correspondence was
also valid for others. Then I understood the importance of the Ascendant, and of all the other planets,
so I decided to go deeper into the study of this subject. Over the years I began to study any book on
astrology I could find, and at the same time I attended the faculty of engineering, finding the official
science and the “unofficial” science of studying the stars absolutely consistent.
In 1995, after passing all the math exams provided by the electronic engineering course, I mathematically
demonstrated the validity of astrology, and my work was presented at a national astrology conference and
awarded as the most innovative one.

After achieving this goal, in 1996 I dedicated myself to the study of cartomancy. I began to study the major
and minor arcana both as a means of divination and as an initiatory path for self-improvement.
In making the consultations I started using both instruments, the Arcana, classical astrology with
the help of transits and solar revolutions, hourly astrology, and today I can integrate everything
to get a complete and broad-spectrum vision of the questions I am asked. I obtained the first
reiki level, I studied the Silva method, and I integrated the two techniques to get fast and concrete
results. My goal is to be of practical help in the questions I am asked, clear and simple words, because
as Albert Einstein said “if you really understand something then you can explain it to a child”.
Passionate about cartomancy and astrology for over 30 years, I know them in the aspects of the reading
of the Major Arcana, minors, psychological astrology and hourly astrology. I deepen the reading of solar
revolutions by integrating them with transits to obtain the greatest possible accuracy in the forecasts.
Tarot reading, using major and minor Arcana, allows me to see situations in their entirety to give the
most complete view possible. This in order to obtain precise, concrete and practical responses.
In the end what is the task of Astrology and Cartomancy is to help us understand WHAT happens,
WHY it happens, and HOW to change what we don’t like, or to let go of what is not destined for us.