Zoller, Robert

Zoller, Robert

Robert Zoller is a Latin scholar and graduate in medieval studies from the Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, New York. He is a leading astrologer and practitioner of occult philosophy. Many of his translations and other books are now seminal works on astrology and the related arts; his text, Tools and Techniques is widely used by predictive astrologers. He is the principal of the Academy of Medieval and Predictive Astrology and offers some of the most advanced and well-presented courses on these subjects.

For over twenty-five years he has been engaged in the translation, research and teaching of astrology. He has also published and lectured on a broad spectrum of other topics, ranging from hermetic philosophy to alchemy, and magic and he has an extensive background in the Western, Nordic, and Indian Esoteric Traditions.

His studies and research based on his own translations of such works as Bonatti’s Liber astronomiae and Ibn Gagirol’s (Avicebron) Fons vitae have allowed him to examine anew many of the astrological techiques which have been handed down to the modern day astrologer. In so doing he has been able to clarify astrological method enabling more accurate and better use of many techniques. He has also re-discovered many “lost” techniques thus expanding contemporary astrological understanding and practice.

In this Robert stands at a crossroads. For not only does he draw, as it were, present day astrological practice back to its roots but in tandem brings ancient knowledge forward. Standing at this point of confluence he has to rigorously test both, for at the end of the day he is not a theorist but a practical astrologer. By this it is meant that he values the deeds of the astrologer, based on sound astrological understanding and practice over the works of the theorist.

Robert was the first astrologer to publish e-books (substantial texts which can be downloaded from the Internet and printed locally) on astrology, and was the first astrologer to release audio lectures that can be downloaded from the Internet. His courses have been translated into German and French and he has students worldwide. In 2001 a Registrar was appointed to run the Academy and staff is maintained to manage his website and courses. The significance of stating that he was the first in these areas is not an idle boast but to demonstrate that Robert was prepared to step into unknown territory and take a risk. At the time he did so he was warned that electronic works would not sell. Not only has he disproved this – selling 25 electronic copies for every one hardcopy sold, but he has achieved another goal and is seeing his works going to those who before had no hope of purchasing expensive works. In this Robert has been a trailblazer and has been able to advise other astrologers on how best to make the Internet more productive for the publishing astrologer.

Robert was the first astrologer to present an international Web cast (a radio broadcast over the Internet), which was simultaneously downloaded live in Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, India, parts of Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Canada, the United States and South America. It attracted an audience of tens of thousands and resulted in attracting a large number of people to the serious study of astrology.

Robert is also active in the astrological community. He is a co-founder of the Mid-Hudson (New York) Chapter of NCGR and has become a keen supporter of the Vancouver Society of Astrologers. In March 2001, Robert married Diana Warwick, an astrologer from Vancouver where he has now relocated. He serves on several editorial boards and is a member of AFAN. He has lectured extensively in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, and South Africa. He has also contributed to the Janus astrology software.