111 Angel Number: Here’s Why You Keep Seeing It

The meaning of angel number 111 is very straightforward compared to many others. This is because the number 1 represents singularity in the form of self-awareness and introspection. In other words, 111 is all about you and focuses on the internal rather than the external.

When you feel lost or uncertain of yourself, angel number 111 may reveal itself to you as a sign of reassurance and hope. However, unlike other angel numbers like 333, 111 is very self-oriented. This means that to receive its blessing you must be willing to take action.

You should also remember that angel numbers in general are a form of communication. To receive this communication, you must be open to it. However, actively searching for angel numbers typically won’t yield the results you’re looking for. Instead, you have to let them come to you. This being the case, let’s go over the meaning of 111, and see how it can affect your daily life, and your spiritual journey.

The Eternal Symbolism of 111

The meaning of 111 is much less ambiguous than other sacred angel numbers thanks to its simplicity and singular nature. In addition to self, the number 1 represents concepts such as “new starts” since it is the first positive number. Overall, the singular nature of 111 can be interpreted much more easily in most cases than other sacred numbers which tend to be more ambiguous.

A good example of this differentiation is the fact that while angel number 222 tends to represent new beginnings externally, angel number 111 on the other hand represents new beginnings internally. Another way to put this is that while 222 might mean that you’ll have a new job soon, 111 might mean finding a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment by actively seeking out a new job. In this way, 111 is a powerful indicator that you are ready to take a significant step forward on your spiritual journey.

Other forms of symbolism associated with the 111 angel number are having confidence in yourself, taking responsibility for your actions, and opening up to new ways of positive thinking. This angel number can also be a sign from your higher self that you need to actively make changes in your life. This is because 111 is a very high-energy number with a powerful resonance that calls for action in both your daily life and your spiritual life.

Embracing the Significance of 111

When angel numbers reveal themselves to you, most are beacons of hope, warnings, or oftentimes messages of encouragement that you are going down the right path. Angel number 111 is a little different. As previously mentioned, it is a call to action.

To truly embrace the the power of 111 angel number, you must be prepared to act. How you act depends on your situation of course, but having a proper understanding of the significance of 111 will help you to make positive decisions that help you to grow as a spiritual being.

While the spiritual meaning of 111 tends to be straightforward, there are still a variety of themes associated with it that require a deeper spiritual understanding to truly appreciate.

Since this sacred number focuses on the self, these themes are very personal and focus on the changes you can make in your life instead of simply relying on the tides of time to move you in the right direction.

Let’s take a look at the specific spiritual meaning of 111 and see how you can make the most of this action-oriented angel number when it reveals itself to you.

A New Start

Just as 1 is the start of positive numbers, so too is 111 symbolic of new beginnings. When you see 111, it is a sign that something needs to change for you to achieve this new start. Examples of this would be finding a new purpose in life, opening yourself to new opinions that give you a new perspective, or making significant changes to your daily life such as a new exercise routine or diet. Whatever the case may be, you must be the one to take the first step toward these new beginnings.

Letting Go of the Past

This goes hand in hand with the previous trait of 111. To make a new start, you must first let go of the past. Making peace with your past may be difficult but is a necessary step so that you’re not weighed down as you move forward. It should also be noted that letting go of the past doesn’t just mean letting go of external events or memories but also old ways of thinking and negative emotions that could be plaguing you.

Furthermore, letting go of the past doesn’t mean letting go of only negative experiences or emotions. Positive experiences, emotions, and expectations can also weigh you down in some cases. This happens when positive memories and emotions give you unrealistic expectations of the future, or if they cause you to feel as if things will never be as good as they once were.

Nostalgia can be a soothing balm or a crippling poison based on how you process it after all. In this way, 111 encourages you to let go of everything in the past that is holding you back, negative or positive.

Be Mindful of Your Thoughts

A similar meaning of 111 is to be mindful of your thoughts. What you think is who you are and will invariably have an effect on your actions for better if positive thoughts or for worse if you have constant negative thoughts.

Angel number 111 also encourages deep introspection. Consider why you think and believe what you do, and what effect these thoughts and beliefs have on your life and the lives of those around you. By becoming aware of your deepest innermost thoughts and feelings, you can let go of the negative, and temper the positive with reasonable expectations. This will allow for continuous spiritual growth.

Accept Yourself But Be Willing to Grow

Since 111 angel number is so internally focused, it also encourages you to accept who you are. However, acceptance is not the same as justification and does not mean that you should feel helpless to change your negative thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Instead, it’s more along the lines of accepting the fact that you’re not perfect, and realizing that you are a growing spiritual being. While your negative traits are a part of who you are, they don’t define you as a person and they don’t have to be a part of you forever. As you continue your spiritual journey, you will find yourself shedding many of these negative traits in time as you grow into a better version of yourself.

Authority and Freedom

The singular nature of 111 makes it a powerful symbol of authority, but maybe not in the way you think. 111 doesn’t represent authority over others, but rather authority over yourself. By embracing the idea of yourself as a unique individual, you can begin to take more control over your life. For example, instead of complaining about your job, you can take action in the present moment to make a positive change in your career. This could be looking for a new job or seeking a better position in your current one.

The 111 angel number is all about inner wisdom and taking responsibility for yourself and your actions. While this does mean a greater degree of scrutiny into how your actions affect yourself and others, it also gives you a greater sense of freedom in knowing that you are not helpless. Cause and effect, aka causality, is one of the most fundamental properties of existence itself. Every action you take has consequences, and by embracing this fact, you can better ensure that the consequences are positive for you and those around you.

Abundance and Wealth

Though something of an outlier, 111 is also associated with abundance and wealth. Being an internally focused sacred number, this wealth is oftentimes spiritual, not physical. However, 111 also represents abundance as well, meaning that you can achieve success if you’re willing to take the action necessary to reach out and seize it.

A word of caution though. The pursuit of material wealth simply for its own sake can cause spiritual erosion. Angel number 111 does not encourage greed. In fact, abundance is characterized not by how much you have, but rather, by how little you want. That said, 111 does encourage you to take action in the present moment to achieve your goals, financial or otherwise.

Specific Meanings of 111

Now that we’ve gone over the general meanings of angel number 111 and how they play into both your spiritual and waking life, let’s take a moment to explore the meaning this sacred number can have in specific situations. This will help you to better receive angel number 111’s full blessing when it reveals itself to you.

111 & How It Relates To Love

When it comes to your love life, if you are not currently in a romantic relationship, seeing 111 could mean that it is time to seek one if you so desire. Since 111 is action-oriented, you can’t just sit back and wait for the right person to enter your life though.

That isn’t how this sacred number works. Instead, it is a sign that if you want a relationship, now is the time to go and find one because fortune favors you. Even so, you must temper your expectations with reason and possess the self-confidence to overcome setbacks.

The 111 angel number has a completely different meaning if you are in a current relationship. Since it represents a new start, it can mean that you may need to forgive your partner and start over without grudges.

Alternately, 111 can also mean that you and your partner are ready for a new level of intimacy in your current relationship, or that you’re ready to take the next step such as getting engaged or starting a family. In any case, 111 is a sign of change, however, you must be the one to initiate it.

In some instances, 111 can be a call for you to end your relationship. Since the number 1 is singular, 111 might mean that you need to take some time to focus on yourself rather than having to worry about someone else.

This is especially true if your relationship is going poorly. Keep in mind that 111 doesn’t only apply to romantic relationships in this case, but also to friendships, family ties, and even your job. The key to understanding angel number 111 in regards to relationships is to think deeply about what is best for you, and how taking care of yourself can have a positive impact on those around you.

111 Significance in Your Career

Speaking of your job, 111 can be a sign from your guardian angels that something needs to change regarding your career. However, this doesn’t always mean that you need to quit your job or find a new one. Instead, it can mean that you simply need to exercise greater control over your career. For example, if you’re unsatisfied with your position or pay at work, 111 can mean that you need to take the necessary steps to improve your situation.

Another career-related trait of 111 is to stop comparing yourself to your coworkers and focus on yourself. This will allow you to make positive changes in your career and take the actions necessary to move forward. Jealousy of successful coworkers, or feelings of doubt when you see coworkers fail, can hold you back, and paralyze you into inaction. Don’t let this be the case. As an ever-growing spiritual being, your career is a part of who you are and should be treated with the same care that you have for your body, your home, and your relationships.

111 & Anxiety

Since 111 is so strongly associated with empowerment, it is quite literally the opposite of anxiety. However, it is also the number of self-acceptance. If you are suffering from anxiety 111 reveals itself to you, it is a sign of encouragement. While your anxiety is also a part of you, it does not define you. Also, by embracing the power of change that 111 represents, you can continue forward on your spiritual journey and outgrow the anxiety that is haunting you.

Just keep in mind that since angel number 111 is action-oriented, your anxiety will not simply fade away like a dream at sunrise. Instead, you will need to take action. This will allow you to confront your anxiety, accept it, then move past it.

111 & Pregnancy

Being a sacred number representing new starts, 111 can be linked to pregnancy. Once again, however, this typically means that you need to take action to achieve pregnancy if that is what you and your partner desire. In other words, angel number 111 is a sign that everything has aligned for you to have a healthy pregnancy so that you can give a new start to a new person.

Interestingly enough, when it comes to pregnancy, angel number 111 tends to reveal itself through dreams just as often as it does in real-life manifestations. If you keep seeing 111 in your dreams, then you should have a chat with your partner about pregnancy, and whether or not having a child is something you should pursue.

Also, be aware that new starts don’t only apply to children conceived by you or your partner. If for whatever reason pregnancy is not possible for you and/or your partner, adoption can be an option as well. If it is something that you have thought about before, angel number 111 can be a sign that the time is right to pursue adoption.

111 In Relation To Spirituality

Angel number 111 is one of the most spiritually powerful sacred numbers simply because it is so internally focused. This being the case, 111 is the ultimate expression of “you” as a concept. It represents spiritual awakening & completeness, though not necessarily balance.

It also represents growth through action and change, though not complacency and blind acceptance. You are a dynamic spiritual creature in a constant state of fluctuation and growth as you continue along your spiritual journey.

Angel number 111 represents the dynamic nature of self, ever-changing from moment to moment. This includes every facet of you such as your ideas and beliefs, your likes and dislikes, your positive and negative traits, and your ever-changing relationships with those around you.

While angel number 111 may seem chaotic when viewed this way, it is actually a beacon of internal stability & spiritual awakening. Taking action requires focus, and focus requires accepting who you are.

Instead of regarding change as a powerful current that you can’t fight, 111 is a message from your guardian angels encouraging you to take action and make the changes you desire. Accept who you are, but strive to become who you want to be. In this way, angel number 111 encourages you to be active in every aspect of your life, to take back your power, and gain freedom as a result.

Why Angel Number 111 is so Powerful

Life can be isolating and at times you may feel cut off from others physically, emotionally, or spiritually. This is the nature of our limited existence in this world. However, these limitations should not leave us feeling powerless. Angelic guidance through the appearance of 111 is a reminder of how powerful our actions and thoughts can be not only in our own lives but in the lives of those around us as well.

The sacred number 1 represents the self and new starts, while the sacred number 11 represents awareness. When put together as 111, you get “a new awareness of self.” This makes angel number 111 one of the most fundamental sacred angel numbers when it comes to spiritual growth.

When angel number 111 reveals itself to you, it is a blessing from your guardian angels to remind you that you have the divine power to change yourself, your situation, and those around you. You are not helpless. However, remember that positive change does not happen by accident either. Every action you take will ripple across the fabric of reality.

When under the blessing of angel number 111 you must look inward for true acceptance and self-awareness before taking action. In this way, you will be able to create positive change both in your own life and in the lives of others. This form of divine empowerment through introspection followed by action will bring you peace and self-assurance as you continue your journey towards greater spiritual enlightenment.