Astrology Reports

Astrology Reports

Send for personalized astrology reports based on your birth data written by the experts! Have your horoscope interpreted from the best computer reports available, authored by renowned astrologers like Liz Greene, Robert Hand and Erin Sullivan plus Vedic reports by James Braha! Astrology reports are available for every interest! Choose astrological compatibility reports, astrocartography reports, Vedic astrology reports and many more! 

Get astrology compatibility report, astrology chart analysis, western and vedic astrology reports and more!

It’s a great first step into astrology and a wonderful gift for your friends and loved ones.

Hope you Enjoy!

Astrology Reports

Matrix Astrology Reports

Astrology interprets what the cosmos has been trying to tell you all along. Matrix Astrology Reports are considered the finest reports available and come with an affordable price. Click on the tab above for a complete description of the reports and an easy ordering process. Currently available:
Natal Readings:
Specialty Advance Natal Readings:
Asteroids — Coming Soon
Child*Star — Coming Soon
Just for Women
Your Spiritual Path — Coming Soon
Relationship Readings:
The Friends Report
The Lovers Report
The Eros Report
Relating Potential — Coming Soon
StarType Readings:
The LifePath Report
Life Chakras Report
The StarTypes Report
StarTypes Compatibility
StarTypes Strategy
Mercury through Pluto Forecast reports
Time Line Report

Air Software’s new Fortune Hunter’s Mapping Service offers you the World!
We are all connected to the earth and you know that in some locations you feel better than others; in some locations you have more opportunities than in others.

Regular astro mapping techniques do not go deep enough to give you the whole, integrated picture. Our extensive research led us to discover brand new techniques which do utilize your entire birth chart to find your very best places for money, love and career success.

This service offers you 3 versions of maps for each area you choose to select – Money, Love and Career.

You may also choose to receive the timing graphs for a year when you are most likely to act in these areas for the most amount of success. The maps and timing graphs for the entire world are just $49.99. Internet delivery! Order at:

Tetrabyblos – Professional Astrology WordPress Plugin:

Tetrabyblos is an extremely easy Word Press plugin to install and manage, which allows for any cyber user to get his personal astrological chart from your own website and, if you wish so, to obtain a first preliminary Interpretation report completely written and controlled by you. Note: The plugin does not rely on third party services or resources, since it’s an independent solution

The Astrology Store

The Astrology Store in Glendale AZ offers a great selection of reports that be ordered online. Check out the complete list of excelent astrology reports on their website.

The James Braha Eastern & Western Astrology Birthchart Report

This professionally bound report combines the predictive accuracy of Hindu/Vedic
astrology with the psychological depth of Western Astrology.

50-70 pages, full text by James Braha
Hindu planets in houses – full interpretations
15 years of Hindu email periods and subperiods interpreted
Includes South Indian Hindu horoscope and Western horoscope
In-depth interpretations of Western planetary aspects
In-depth interpretations of Outer transits for 3 years

“My report is so accurate. I can’t believe it’s computerized” M.T., Sarasota FL
To order your report, send $45 or your Visa/MC/Discover card #, and your name, address, birth date, birth time, and birth place to James Braha, 680 Fox ST., Suite A, Longboat Key, FL 34228, or email it to James’s email address.

Moonprints by Dana Gerhardt

No other astrology report tells you more about your emotional rhythms and needs. Discover your lunar signposts–birth moon phase, sign, aspects and house–and your life purpose via the moon’s nodes. Raise your cyclic intelligence via your progressed lunation cycle and a year of new and full moons around your chart. Learn what you need to do right now to feel more successful. Forty-plus pages of insightful, inspiring and user-friendly text. Only $45. And domestic postage is free. To order or look at sample pages, visit:

Online College of Astrology

Online College of Astrology has the following computer generated reports available: Natal Reports, Comparison Reports and Six Month Transit Forecast.

Astro Energetic

Astrology charts and personalized horoscopes with deeper meaning: astrology for personal growth. Beautifully printed reports by mail or email.

Your Personal Heroic Journey

Erin Sullivan has developed a new personalized report based on her book, “Saturn in Transit”. It is a 60 page lifetime report based on the individual’s own horoscope and inaugurates a new and unique series of quality reports that are following in the next six months! Check the web site below for further information.

As the World Turns: Your Solar Return Year Ahead.
Beautifully bound, graphically illustrated in color, your solar return year is interpreted fully based on the movements of the solar return chart from one birthday to the next!
One year: $35 + post, Two consecutive years $50 + post
Buy online at the secure shopper

Anne Windsor Astrology

“Helpful guides to understanding your past, present and potential.” Profiles are an excellent introduction to astrology for anyone seeking more understanding and direction in their life. We’re so sure that you’ll love your profiles we offer a 10 day money back guarantee! Plus, if you order a profile and then decide you want a full consultation, we’ll credit back 50% towards the fee if you book a consultation within 30 days! What a deal! Profiles are delivered via email, direct to your desktop. Laser-printed profiles are also available. To order, please call 801.484.4628 to request your free catalog, or visit her website listed below. Life’s an adventure… be prepared!

Your free sample Karma Reading is just a few steps away! Based on your birth date, this free sample gives you unique insight into your karmic influences and path. After you have read your sample, explore further by purchasing your full-length Karma Reading, with insight into your subconscious memories, past life experiences and future influences. Reading written by Terri Rohde.
Try a free sample Personal Astrology Profile from!

The Future Minders

The Future Minders offer a dazzling array of astrology reports at very reasonable prices. Their accurate and insightful reports are written by well known professional astrologers including Bob Mulligan, Dorothy Oja, Mary Shea, Robbie Dyer and many more. Available reports include:

Life Portrait
Relationship compatibility reports
Child report
Senior report
Solar and Lunar return

And more!! Check out his exceptional selection of Astrology reports today

The Voice of Astrology – Pat McGovern

Voice of Astrology offers several astrology reports. Each report includes a 20+ page comprehensive report and colored chart wheel … each $19.97.
Personal Natal Report & Chart
Relationship/Compatibility Chart & Report
Forecast/Transit Chart & Report
We will need to supply us with your birth date, exact time of birth, and birth location.
To order, you can go to our website and order via Paypal or give us a call at 1-800-824-7107.

The Universal Healing Power of Gemstones & Crystals

You have a fine sense of beauty, especially the beauty of natural things from Mother Earth. You know intuitively that gemstones have special meaning and energy, and that you can connect with that energy. They can be used in meditation, on specific parts of your body, in your home, and in your jewelry. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find out exactly which gemstones are best for healing and supporting you on your life journey? I would love to create a Personal Gemstone Profile for you and be part of your journey of discovery.

Your Perfect Gem List: The Gemstone Profile

Your personal Gemstone Profile includes descriptions of about 14 stones that are your true birthstones, your main healing and most important gems. These 14 gemstones represent the most favorable stones in your birth chart for the 10 classical planets, your Moon Nodes, your Ascendant and Chiron. The gemstones I choose for you depend on what sign and house position the planets are in on your chart and how they are aligned with each other. Your gemstone profile is completely individual, unlike anyone else’s, because it corresponds to the exact moment of your birth.

Your personal list of gems will include around 20 pages of information tailored to your individual astrological horoscope. This information will serve as an excellent foundation for your healing work or meditation with gems.

Tap into the beauty and power of gemstones for healing and support on your life journey and order your Gemstone Profile today. The INTRODUCTORY PRICE for your personal Gemstone Profile is $19.99 instead of $24.50. It’s a wonderful gift for yourself and also makes a great birthday gift to give to a friend or family member. You can order two profiles for $ 34.95.

Cyber Astro believes in serving people across the globe with all its might and sincerity. The foremost purpose of astrology is to provide an individual with future predictions, guidance and remedial solutions as per the need and desire of the individual. Considering the practicality of life, we have tried to categorize different aspects of life in different sections. This is to make it convenient for our members to select the category and chose their desired report according to their requirement.