Astrology CDs, Tapes, Astrology Videos

CDs, Tapes, Astrology Videos

Astrology tapes and astrology videos are available from major astrology conferences and seminars! Hear and see lectures by renowned astrology speakers world wide. If you can’t make the trip for the conference, buy the tape, CD or video. Podcasts are now available as well. Don’t let time and airfare

keep you from keeping up!

Astrology CDs, Tapes, Astrology Videos

Astrology et al

Missed the NORWAC astrology conference? You can purchase tapes from this year’s successful convention as well as tapes from the last 15 years. All tapes are recorded live at NORWAC lectures and feature leading edge astrologers.

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Edith Hathaway Store

Edith Hathaway is an international consultant in practice since 1980, author, teacher, and lecturer of Vedic astrology, and among the few contemporary astrologers trained and certified in systems of both East and West.

Available for purchase in this store are some lectures given to audiences worldwide. These collections of select recordings are chosen by the author, Edith Hathaway. The source files contain the author’s 2013 commentary and updates, as well as chart data and handouts from the original lectures, where applicable. 

This combination of Edith Hathaway’s lecture mp3s and PDFs is not available anywhere else, and together they enable the student or the practitioner to go deeper into the material.

If you want additional material from the author, please consider her latest book – “In Search of Destiny, Biography, History & Culture As Told Through Vedic Astrology.”

David Pond’s Audio Tapes

David Pond produces an in-depth tape for each season, giving his insights and sharing his astrological expertise and philosophy with us, guiding us though the months ahead. For his current tape and a list of past tapes, please contact David at his email address or check his web site for more information.

Erin Sullivan – New Video Available

Retrograde Planets Take Manhattan
I had a lot of fun last night talking with the Nightlight Astrology group in Manhattan, organized by Adam Elenbass. Right on time, this talk was RE-scheduled for the day Mercury was stationing direct… and it was such a treat. Thanks Adam for your great work!

We are making this discussion available in either video or audio formats. This online workshop was presented as an open forum on Retrograde Planets. The group was lively and brought up some great and timely discussion topics. Enjoy!

Glenn Perry, Ph.D. Audio Tapes

Glenn Perry, Ph.D., is an astrologer and licensed psychotherapist in San Rafael, CA. He lectures throughout the world and is the founder of the Association for Astrological Psychology. Glenn maintains a busy counseling practice and is Adjunct Professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies where he teaches graduate classes in psychological astrology.

The New Paradigm and Postmodern Astrology Pluto Pathology: The Dark Side of Human Sexuality From Paradigm to Method
From Thorns to Roses
Venus and the Significance of Your Significant Other
Planetary Aspects as Person Myths
Psychopathology of the Zodiac
The Moon, the Mother and Transference
The Last Temptation of Jimmy Swaggart
Object Relations Astrotherapy
Neptune and the power of Dream
Astrology, Synchronicity and Soul: A Necessary Unity
Basic Principles of Astrological Psychology
Benefits of Studying Astrology
An Astrological Theory of Personality

A complete description of each tape, and an ordering form can be found at the websites listed below.

ISAR archived Conference Tapes

Contact Sun Recording for the list of available astrology tapes recorded at past ISAR Conferences by leading International astrology speakers.

NW Institute of Vedic Sciences audio tapes

Study the stars with the Stars of Vedic Astrology. You can learn Jyotisha, the science of light, at home, while traveling, or even on your lunch hour through our state-of-the-art audio cassette recordings by today’s leading Vedic Astrologers. We have one of the largest selections of Vedic Astrology tapes in the West. Visit our website for a complete list of our tapes.

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(425) 778 – NIVS

Traditional Astrology Radio with Chris Brennan

WTAR, Traditional Astrology Radio, is a weekly program which covers topics related to “traditional” pre-20th century forms of astrology. During the show we cover topics related to the history, philosophy and techniques of ancient astrology, including the use and relevance of these ideas in the modern world. — WTAR was started and hosted by David Hernandez from June – September 2009.

 It was then hosted by Jacqui Menkes from September 2009 until November 2010. It has been hosted by Chris Brennan since November 1, 2010.


Get this QUICK BASIC overview of all 12 zodiac-body correlations — lasts about 20 minutes and the yogis are amazing.

12 Zodiac Signs
12 Correlations with the Body
35 Great Yogis

Celestial Insight Annual Astrology Calendar

Order your annual 32 page astrology wall calendar that is available in print or via download.