Astrology Newsletters

Astrology Newsletters

Check out this great selection of astrology newsletters that you can read on the author’s website or have delivered to your email box. We will be adding to this list so check back often to see what’s new in astrology news!

Get your FREE astrology newsletter delivered right to your email box each month. You will get the scoop on what all the planets are doing in the Cosmic Dance, written so lay people can understand it with a little astrology information added for astrology buffs. 

Check this month’s newsletter at or just write to with “Astro Bits” in the subject line to get on the monthly email list.

Astrology Newsletters

Astrological Influences for the week ahead,  With David Pond

Email David Pond to have his weekly astro sent to you.  He will keep
you informed of what the planets and stars are doing so you can take
advantage of your special times.


Real Life Asteroid Astrology- An interactive Newsletter

Check out the new updates on real life examples of how the minor asteroids work in the charts of real people. There are amazing antidotes and you have the opportunity to send in your questions and experiences to share with others.

The Astrology Company – Bob Mulligan newsletter 

Bob Mulligan writes a very detailed and comprehensive newsletter each month. His interpretation of the movement of the planets is insightful and entertaining. You can read it directly from his website or have it emailed directly to your email box each month. If you would like it sent to you, contact Bob and request his free newsletter at

Erin Sullivan’s newsletter

Follow Erin’s newsletter with the link below. You will enjoy her special insight and perspective on the world at large and all the players.

Dietrech Pessin weekly newsletter

Each week I write a detailed report of the complete astrological activity which has been inspired by my weekly radio report on WZBC 90.3 FM Newton, MA. A subscription is available for this labor of love starting at $10/month, $39 for 6/mo and $69 1/yr.

The AstroPsychology Newsletter – Glenn Perry’s Newsletter

Our free online monthly newsletter will keep you abreast of the latest developments in psychological astrology, including articles, commentary, and book reviews. It also provides up to date information on our astrology school, books, reports, and tapes. To sign up, go to and click on “Contact Us”.

Galactic Times – by Philip Sedgwick

For the latest and greatest on the new planet (yep, planet – and a real one), galactic phenomena, answers to cosmic questions and an ultra cool oracle. Be sure to sign up for the free Galactic Times, using the Star Blogs page (make sure to respond to the confirmation). Philip has long been a pioneer in the leading edge of astrology.

Sher Astrological Institute – Jim Sher

We offer a free weekly newsletter to anyone signing up. Jim takes a look at a variety of things including transits, declinations, and especially focuses on the development of the cycles affecting us all. Also, the newsletter encourages people to write back and discuss how they were personally affected by the particular transit, and if they desire, their story will be placed on the web site. Visit us and see if you like what you read. You can read past articles and/or join by going to and signing up or email Jim Sher at

Astrology in Matters – Dianne Eppler Adams – New Moon Newsletter

On a monthly basis, Dianne writes a free newsletter that contains a main article applying astrological insights to everyday life and also includes astrological coming events new and full moons, major alignments, planetary ingresses, and eclipses described as to how they may affect everyone. To sign up go to

Light on Vedic Astrology – Vaughn Paul Manley

Free monthly Vedic astrology e-newsletter that offers fascinating articles, latest news, inspirational stories, a monthly Sidereal ephemeris, and more. Sign up by visiting


Transit – Astrological Association

Founded in 1971, Transit is the AA’s newsletter. Inside your will find up to the minute news and data, reports and articles crossing the whole range of Astrological topics. It aims to publish articles of general and specific interest to all astrologers. It is published bi-monthly and can be emailed to you or you may view it online.


STARTALK – Tim Rubald

STARTALK explores news, politics, and offers current astrology tools and short articles. It began with the conjunction of Uranus with Neptune in 1993 as a print publication available by mail and in magazine racks in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The conjunction in Capricorn reflects the mission of STARTALK to bring the science (Uranus – left brain) and art (Neptune – right brain) of astrology to my friends and clients. Now the publication is available exclusively by email subscription. Simply send an email to with subject line or message, “subscribe STARTALK.”


Soul Centered Astrology News Letter – Alan Oken

Alan Oken’s news letter is available on his site or you may request to have it sent direct to your email address each month. He is offering information on the current planetary picture as well as many interesting articles. Alan is the author of Soul Centered Astrology and many well known astrology books.


Lydia Solini –Free Astrology Newsletter

I write a monthly newsletter that offers many insights about the Zodiac Signs, Sky Watch Tips, Green Tips, Feng Shui Tips and upcoming Events, plus discounts on my readings for subscribers!
To sign up:


INsight – Michele Finey

Michele Finey’s free monthly newsletter examines current planetary cycles, world events and mundane matters. Includes lunation reports and a comprehensive examination of monthly stellar happenings and their astrological significance. INsight is emailed a few days before start of each month. Subscription via email.


Astral Waves – Juliana Swanson

Juliana Swanson’s Astral Waves is a free quarterly newsletter written with the goal of promoting astral harmony, a state of balance between body, mind and spirit. As an East-West astrologer and holistic healer, Juliana presents concise and intriguing astrological forecasts based on the visible sidereal zodiac and the cycles of the seasons. Her astral overview comes along with valuable tips for energy balancing during the seasonal shifts. You can read Astral Waves directly from the Astral Harmony Web site at 


The Hare in the Moon Astrology Newsletter – Lorna Bevan

Sign up for free at to get a monthly article which has been described “as one of the best newsletters around”.
It is also published on Daykeeper Journal.”


EcoAstrology Updates – Stephanie Austin

Wondering what’s happening and how to work with the current energies? EcoAstrology Updates are emailed every two weeks, just before each new and full moon. In addition to covering the current astrological shifts, each update includes helpful links and resources. To view a sample and/or subscribe for 25 updates/one year, visit


Cosmic Cafe – Chrissie Blaze

Chrissie Blaze offers a free e-newsletter of all things cosmic –  astrology news and views, planetary cycles, workshops, classes and events – as well as some special offers, spiritual philosophy and the wonders of the cosmos. Sign up by clicking on the box “Sign up for my astrology newsletter” on the Home Page at


The Monthly Planet – Faye Cossar

Once a month a free E-zine. It is intended for business people but since many others have subscribed the subjects are more varied and it is readily understandable for everyone. Subscribe at or just contact Faye Cossar at


Rose Marcus Monthly Newsletter

Sign up for Rose’s free monthly newsletter Kalighat Express

The term ghat refers to a series of steps or stairs leading down to a sacred river, pool or pond. My attempt in this monthly newsletter will be to Be the Ghat for you—to link spirit with mind with soul with body via the use of Psychological Astrology (a la CPA), Mythology, Energy Therapies like EFT, Pranic Healing, Dreams, Devotion and Rumi. I think Kali approves. Styles of Awakening Newsletter – Hunter Reynolds

Interested in modern, meditative astrology? Pithy, playful and cutting-edge, this one-of-a-kind newsletter is chock full of Astro-Buddhist articles, transit updates, poetry, video meditations, “Sacred soundbites” and special, subscriber discounts—all designed with one goal in mind: to keep you mad enough to be mortal; sane enough to disappear. “One of the most interesting astrological thinkers out there.” -Rob Brezsny