Astrology Distance Education Courses

Astrology distant education courses for all levels of study by correspondence, video, CD’s or internet.

Learn Astrology for fun or certification!

Learn Astrology for fun or certification!

Listed below are an exceptional selection of distant astrology courses. Astrology correspondence courses are available for all levels of study from beginning students to certification for professional astrologers. If you would like to attend an astrology class in your area, go to the Local Astrology Classes page for listings.

Astrology Distance Education Courses

Astrology Correspondence Courses

New!  Soul Wise – School of Evolutionary Astrology


~Chart a Course to the Heart of your Soul~

Live, on-line Courses taught by Evolutionary Astrologers:

Rose Marcus, Laura Nalbandian, Patricia Walsh (over 60 years experience combined!!)

The Soul’s reality is illuminated through the principles and techniques of Evolutionary Astrology. If you desire to become more consciously aware of yourself and to also understand others more deeply, we invite you to join us to explore what your soul yearns for through the rich study of EA!

Evolutionary Astrology encompasses:
The Soul’s reality and how it is imprinted and affected through various incarnations
The dynamic interplay of Spirit, Soul, and Ego
Wounding and trauma; how it affects both Ego and Soul and strategies to heal (i.e.…Evolve)
Finding one’s blueprint for purpose and meaning in this life
The impact of past life, collective, societal, ancestral (familial) conditioning; individuation from this conditioning to advance the liberation of the authentic self

And much more….

Join us for:

Level 2:
In-depth study course (for those with some astrology knowledge)
-start date: September 2019

Level 1:

Foundation Course for beginners:
-start date: January 2020

All classes will take place using the ZOOM Meeting platform.

You are encouraged to participate live as much as possible, but will also have unlimited access to the recorded sessions. There are breaks scheduled in both levels
for integration, reading assignments, working in teams on projects, holidays etc….

Visit our website for further information:

Academy of AstroPsychology

The Academy of AstroPsychology is an online, distance learning school offering Certificate and Diploma programs in psychological astrology. Students can elect to do any course independently while having the option to participate in weekly online classes. The program is designed for beginners and for experienced astrologers who wish to go deeper.

Incorporating elements of archetypal psychology and various other models, students become familiar with astrology as a personality theory, developmental model, and diagnostic tool. Astrology’s value as an aid to conscious evolution is especially emphasized. 

Drawing upon ancient wisdom and new paradigm sciences, participants examine the nature and development of human consciousness from an astrological perspective.

The primary value of the program is that it teaches the student how to speak the language of astrology with maximum precision. In-class interpretive work is supplemented by reading assignments, audio files, and video. For each class, there are quizzes and written exercises to help students master the material. One course unfolds into the next so that participants learn to interpret charts in a progressively more complex manner.

Academy of AstroPsychology
Director, Glenn Perry, Ph.D.
133 Injun Hollow Road
Haddam Neck, CT 06424
Phone: 860-467-6919

Academy of AstroPsychology Mentorship Program

Here’s a description of our program. I’m not sure how short or long you want it, so if editing is necessary, let me know and I’ll shorten it to your specifications. Attached is the pic that serves as our logo/image.

The Academy of AstroPsychology is an online, distance learning school that focuses on astrology as a personality theory, archetypal language, and counseling tool. Astrology’s value as an aid to conscious evolution is especially emphasized. Drawing upon ancient wisdom and depth psychology, participants examine the nature and development of human consciousness from an astrological perspective. Students can elect to do any course independently with the option to participate in weekly online classes.

All courses are $295 and come with their own Learning Guide, audio files, and quizzes with automated feedback. Each recording specifically relates to a corresponding assignment. In addition to online classes, participants are encouraged to contact me for private tutoring with questions that pertain to course assignments., or call Dr. Perry at 860-467-6919


Become a Certified Astrologer by Alphee Lavoie
Alphee has over 50 years of experience teaching astrology, lecturing and working with clients. His live Mentoring Course begins September 26th, online for 12 weeks. No matter where in the world you live you may now study with Alphee and become a Certified Astrologer. All you need is a computer, internet connection and a desire to learn from this veteran world renown master of astrology.

Alphee will take you through the many disciplines you need to know to become a professional astrologer. He’ll conduct a live counseling session online, teach you horary, electional, rectification and predictive techniques and when and how to apply each of these in your work. The course is interactive so Q & A are welcomed. At the end of the course there will be a test to take for Certification by Alphee.

Space is limited so sign up ASAP with Carol at or call 800-659-1247 to reserve your seat.
Click HERE for all Mentoring Course details.
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Ambrosia Academy of Astrology & Palmistry 

Peter Burns runs online correspondence courses in horary astrology, astrology for beginners, and palmistry (hand analysis with astrological correlations).
He specialises in interactive teaching and provides personal feedback with all assignments.

Students have the freedom to work at their own pace with no set deadlines. You may take as long as you need to complete assignments.
Horary astrology is remarkably accurate. It enriches and deepens the experience of astrology and adds precision and clarity to natal readings and relationship issues.
If you are new to astrology you will find that horary provides an excellent introduction.

Horary astrology is the ideal way to learn basic astrological principles and predictive techniques that are fast and accurate, and do not require an accurate birth time.
If you are an experienced astrologer or have taken some beginner classes elsewhere you will find that the study of horary sharpens your skills and adds depth to your understanding of ‘first principles’.

Palmistry (hand astrology) offers profound psychological insights and timing for life events. It is an excellent tool for astrologers and healers. Palmistry is without peer in the ability to offer fast and accurate personality assessments. It complements astrology exceptionally well and provides a validation of astrological transits.

Students for the online correspondence course in Hand Astrology (Palmistry) are encouraged to purchase a digital camera so that images of the hands can be easily emailed

The American Federation of Astrologers (AFA)

The AFA is one of the oldest astrology organizations in the U.S.A offering courses for accreditation. The course in Basic Astrology consists of 22 lessons and is designed to prepare you for the exam. All Students will be monitored by a tutor. For class outlines, fees and certification schedules, contact the AFA.

P.O. Box 22040, 6535 Rural Rd., Tempe AZ.
Phone: (888) 301-7630

Arielle Guttman’s Correspondence Course

Arielle Guttman offers a correspondence course through Astro Originals on a number of subjects. It includes: Mythic Astrology, Relocation Astrology, Geodetics (earth astrology), relationship compatibility and Progressions and Transits. You may contact Arielle for a detailed description of the curriculum and fees.

Astrodharma Institute Courses – Styles of Awakening Training

WELCOME TO THE ASTRODHARMA INSTITUTE, offering online courses as well as in-person intensives and retreats that synthesize astrology and Dharma in a radical new approach to astrology as a path to awakening. The institute courses provide a grounded, effective way for you to:
—harness your soul’s gifts and inspire others to do the same.
—shrewdly navigate your own and other’s karmic wounding.
—go eye-to-eye with the Divine Presence in the full spectrum of personalities.

This is the essence of modern, meditative astrology and the impassioned goal of all the trainings we offer at the Astrodharma Institute. The foundational course for all further study is the Styles of Awakening training, offered three times a year. In this 3-month, on-line, experiential course, you will learn how to recognize and work with the astrological archetypes, even if you never look at an astrology chart. Now in its third year, the course has been met with enthusiasm by people from all walks of life — students and psychotherapists, full-time mothers and scientists, meditation teachers and government workers.


Bernadette Brady, author of Predictive Astrology, and Darrelyn Gunzburg have combined their expertise in offering this unique correspondence course. They will act as your personal tutors to prepare you as a qualified, competent astrologer. For further details, please check our website or contact us by email.

Astro Logos online Master Classes run by Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg

These unique sessions are conducted over the course of 3 hours with a 15-minute break in between. These sessions they are scheduled at times that we feel works best with the time zone differences between the UK, Europe/Africa, Australia, and the USA. Therefore they are all duplicated to cater for all time zones.

Learn a variety of topics as part of a small group of learners from the comfort of your own home. A great way to keep your skills sharp and explore new areas of astrology.

APA – Astrological Psychology Association

The Astrological Psychology Association (APA) formerly API-UK, was established with Bruno & Louise Huber’s co-operation in 1983, since then we have taught students living in many countries around the world.

Our organization has evolved into a membership association, with a regular magazine, Conjunction, and a wide range of publications available through an on-line bookshop, which aim to keep all interested in astrological psychology abreast of developments.

What has become known as ‘The Huber Method’ supplements the best of the psychological knowledge in traditional astrology with the results of the Hubers’ own psychological researches.

In our accredited Foundation and Diploma courses we give English speaking students the opportunity to study and use the Hubers’ psychological approach to horoscope interpretation. We teach the theory about the psychological motivations to be found in a birth chart in a manner that encourages students to develop their own self-awareness and personal growth. Many counselors, therapists and psychologists have found the Huber method a useful addition to their techniques.

Features unique to this approach include the use of two further horoscopes in addition to the Natal Chart – the House Chart and the Nodal Chart – which give insights into how we may be conditioned by the environment and insights into our ‘shadow’ personality and the accumulated experiences of past lives.

+44 (0)1394 610104 United Kingdom

Astrology Apprentice Program with Steven Forrest

Steven Forrest’s style of evolutionary astrology is centered on a philosophy of freedom and choice. Steven encourages people to use astrology to make better, wiser choices rather than attempting to “foresee the future” in some limiting way. There is less “description” and more “prescription” in his approach. Steven’s interpretations are psychological in tone, but assume that the soul is on an evolutionary path. Reincarnation is generally assumed, but not a required belief for the system to work. Technically, Steven’s astrological style is modern. He uses the Tropical zodiac, the outer planets, both modern and classical rulerships, and the Placidus house system.

Steven has made his living as an astrologer for several decades. In his Apprenticeship Program, he teaches both the specific techniques of interpretation and the style of presentation that have made him one of the most successful astrologers of our time. Philosophically, he favors a “big tent” view of astrology, that leaves plenty of room for other astrological styles and system. Steven only takes issue with astrologers who do palpable harm to people.

In Steven’s Astrology Apprentice Program (or “AP”) the focus is on his specific methodology. He encourages students to work with his approach in detail and test his methods on their own. Steven’s aim is not to convert anyone. He does not feel that astrology requires a Pope. But he is also aware that to learn a system well, one must engage with it as fully and deeply as one can.

In this unique and supportive environment, Steven passes on the strategies that have been successful for him. Questions, individuation, and alternate perspectives are welcome, but only so long as they do not distract the groups from their core aim.

The Apprenticeship Program began in May 1998. The groups were originally envisioned to meet for a total of six sessions over a period of three years. That worked out fine in Kansas City! But in California, the students basically wouldn’t let Steve stop. What has evolved is a kind of warm, “tribal family” feeling. Students come and go as they please, but many return year after year. Hundreds of students have passed through program. Several have written books and been featured speakers at astrological conferences.

Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness
With Maurice Fernandez
Part by Correspondence, Part on Location

Become the Best Astrologer | Take Astrology to the Future

Beginners Series: Segment A & B
Intermediate to Professional Certification: Segment 1 to 7

Cutting Edge Content – Intimate Learning Atmosphere – Transformative – Practical
The body of knowledge is vast and unique with a focus on identifying the evolutionary essence of the soul. Insights are penetrating, precise, and practical. Participants are educated in the skill of synthesis, diagnosis, and effective counseling, and are certified to offer solution-based, empowering readings

Astrology of Healing
5-Year Training in Medical Astrology by Ingrid Naiman

There are three levels of study, the initial requiring a commitment of three years. The first year is devoted primarily to an understanding of stress and how it can be translated into conditions affecting the physical body and emotions. The second and third years entail a comprehensive study of the elements, starting with how they can be understood in terms of health, then how they relate to food and herbs. It can be safely said that a curriculum of this depth has never before been offered in modern times. Each class consists of a downloadable pdf of 20-30 pages, a podcast of 1-1.5 hours with 2-3 hours of questions and answers following the formal presentation, and homework that will take most students around 20 hours to complete. In addition, there is a bulletin board where students can ask questions, discuss fine points, share ideas, and support each other. All students will also have access to archived material from previous classes taught by Ingrid Naiman. A diploma will be awarded to students who complete a paper at the end of the three years. It is the equivalent more or less of a B.Sc. in Medical Astrology.

There is a break between Levels I and II to allow students to write the paper. Level II begins on February 20, 2018. In it, there will be a profound study of the Moon and the Inner Child. This is followed by practical applications of medical astrology to real conditions. This part of the course offers students both counseling tips and therapeutic approaches to a wide range of prevalent diseases, including some that are seldom resolved with conventional treatments. This group of classes is followed by a thesis and a diploma that is the equivalent of a master’s degree.

Level III is more esoteric and includes Ingrid Naiman’s Astroendocrinology and work with the third eye. As with the other sections, it can be concluded with a dissertation, due within a year of completing the course work. A rough outline of the course can be found at the following link:

The course will only be taught once by Ingrid herself. There are no prerequisites and no credit for previous studies. The reason is that Ingrid is teaching her own system. Those who lack basic astrological skills will have time to acquire them and those who lack training in a health discipline will learn a genuinely astrological system.

Ingrid has been practicing medical astrology for over 40 years, had six books in print and published over thousand articles in various journals. She has 45 web sites, a book on botanical cancer treatments, her own herbal product line, and is sometimes seen with a telescope and sometimes with a microscope.

To see where she is coming from, check out this link:

Registration can take place on the course site. Ingrid can also be contacted by e-mail using the form on the site.

Astrology and Self Development

The courses Astrology and Self Development are offered by Dirah Academy International. These are Western Astrology courses, studied on the basis of ones own chart. The courses focus on how you can use your full potential. The basic course offers special lessons on professions and relationships. The last lesson of the basic course includes a full interpretation of your chart.

The second course deals with subjects like patterns in the chart, transits, progressions, the solar chart, medical astrology, psychological astrology. .
The courses are given through email. Dirah Academy International has teachers who are located in different parts of the world. This course offers flexible learning and one to one tuition with a practising, experienced astrologer. For information see:

Astrology and Self Development

The courses Astrology and Self Development are offered by Dirah Academy International. These are Western Astrology courses, studied on the basis of ones own chart. The courses focus on how you can use your full potential. The basic course offers special lessons on professions and relationships. The last lesson of the basic course includes a full interpretation of your chart.

The second course deals with subjects like patterns in the chart, transits, progressions, the solar chart, medical astrology, psychological astrology. .
The courses are given through email. Dirah Academy International has teachers who are located in different parts of the world. This course offers flexible learning and one to one tuition with a practising, experienced astrologer. For information see:

Astrology for the Soul
Astrology For The Soul Free Astrology Course

Please visit for its free astrology course and information on further learning opportunities with Moses Siregar III. Moses also offers personal tutoring and long distance learning programs.
Toll Free: 1-86-MORE-JOYFUL (1-866-673-5693)

Astrology Institute

The Astrology Institute joins psychology with astrology and practical training in counseling techniques. This course is for advanced students and professionals with an emphasis on human development, personality theory and family systems. Ongoing programs include, a Certificate Training Program in Holistic Astrology, Special Topic Workshops and Classes, with supervision and tutorials in person or by phone. The faculty consists of Joseph and Jill-Laurie Crane, Babs Kirby and Lynn McKenna.

Joseph Crane is a teacher and writer of astrology and an astrological consultant with decades of experience in the field. “I teach and write about astrology with reverence for its culture and traditions and as part of the wisdom traditions of the West. As an astrological consultant, I help people understand their current life situations in context and provide paths of activity that help resolve immediate issues and forward their life purpose.”

(781) 861-0349

Astrology of the Seers Correspondence Course

This course offers over six hundred pages of material from beginning to advanced levels. It is presented in systematic lessons, practical exercises and detailed tests. Information is also available on the American Council of Vedic Astrology, how to join it, the tutorial program and symposiums.

American Institute of Vedic Studies
Dr. David Frawley, Jyotish Vachaspati, Director
PO Box 8357, Santa Fe NM, 87504
505 983-0385

The Astrology Practitioner Course

Written by 40 year professional, Anita Burns, this course of thirty lessons is comprehensive and complete, giving you an understanding and in depth knowledge of astrology. Lessons include interpretation, calculation, prediction, medical, relationship, mundane, fixed stars, pre-natal, and much more. After successful completion of the course, you will be fully qualified to practice astrology either privately or professionally. Because Astrology is a complex study, the instructor is available by e-mail, fax or phone for personal consultation and discussion of the lessons. This course is as close to having a private instructor as possible. Lessons are available in print, on CD-ROM, or through e-mail attachment. Lessons may be ordered singly or in multiples. A certification of successful completion with the title “Astrology Practitioner” will be given upon satisfactory completion of the entire course.

Metastudies University
P.O. Box 2245
Montclair, CA. 91763

Astrology, The Cosmic Pattern

Joanne Wickenburg is a well known lecturer and author whose books include : A Journey Through the Birth Chart, Your Hidden Powers: Intercepted Signs & Retrograde Planets and co-author of The Spiral of Life. She is also one of the founding board members of the Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences. She has offered a taped correspondence course since 1977 which takes the student from beginning through advanced levels of astrology. Joanne assigns homework which she corrects and returns. The course consists of six levels of work and is based on psychological principles, incorporating many of Jung’s works. She also offers a series of supplementary courses including the Solar Return chart and horary.

write: Search, P.O. Box 75362, Northgate Sta., Seattle WA. 98125


Wendy Ashley is a practicing Mythic Astrologer with 35 years of experience. This advanced study course in whole sky mythology, uses all of the constellations, not just the Zodiac, to find the mythology symbolized in the horoscope. Students study astronomy, Jungian and Archetypal symbolism and the myths of the constellations, planets and ancient cosmology. Applying students should have some knowledge of mythology, Jungian or archetypal psychology, ancient or Native religions. Wendy has been approved as external faculty for self directed programs for BA or MA programs.

P.O.Box 14, Peaks Island, Maine, 04108
(207) 766-5108

Astropoetic School of Soul Discovery

The Astropoetic School of Soul Discovery offers correspondence courses and workshops for self-reflective, creative, spiritually oriented people who are interested in using a holistic approach to astrology as a language with which to explore their life experience from the perspective of the soul.

The Basic Course is a series of 24-lessons, designed to be completed over the course of a 4-year period. Each lesson introduces key astrological concepts, plus homework exercises offering the student an opportunity to apply these concepts to his/her life. All lessons and homework assignments are geared toward helping the student develop an intuitive, intimately personal, poetic approach to astrological symbolism. Each homework assignment is discussed in a 90-minute phone conversation, during which the student has an opportunity to ask questions, and explore any life issue in relation to the concepts introduced in the lesson. Each fall, there is an annual workshop, during which all students gather for three days to explore together what they have been learning separately.

A more advanced course, based on the teacher’s book, Tracking the Soul With An Astrology of Consciousness, leads the student through an astrological exploration of each chakra and the life issues associated with it.

Additional workshops available through the School include: Tracking the Soul With An Astrology of Consciousness, Healing the Astrological Shadow, Reclaiming the Radiant Child, Embracing the Holy Other in Relationship, Exploring the Sensory Dimension of the Signs, and the Dance of the Four Elements: A Moving Experience. More information about the School and its offerings can be found at:

Astro * Synthesis
Certificate in Applied Astrology

AstroSynthesis offers its Certificate in Applied Astrology through distance learning. We have endeavoured to make our syllabus as thorough as possible without extraneous and unnecessary information. The program has been developed over many years of teaching experience in order to facilitate the student’s comprehension of the basics of astrology. The course includes eight units as follows:

1.THE WHEEL OF LIFE: Elements and Signs of the Zodiac
2.ENERGIES OF LIFE: Understanding the Planetary Archetypes
3.ASPECTS OF LIFE: The Twelve Houses and Aspects of the Horoscope
4.CONSIDERING THE HOROSCOPE: Astrological Analysis
5.LIFE PARTNERS: Family Dynamics and Relationship Patterns
6.CYCLES OF LIFE: Planetary Returns, Transits and Eclipses
7.LIFE SKILLS: Resources in the Horoscope
8. TIMES OF LIFE: Future Trends and Progressing the Horoscope

Each unit consists of:
·10 cassette tapes or CD’s, specifically recorded for the correspondence course
·Workbook with detailed notes, two Astro*Synthesis student booklets (available on disc) & supplementary reading
·a suggested reading list,
·exercises; and
·an assignment or assignments to be assessed (if part of the Certificate in Applied Astrology)

For complete information on this course please visit our website.

Australian Academy of Astrology & Cosmobiology with Pamela Rowe, LPMAFA, FMFAA

How is Cosmobiology Different from Traditional Astrology?
TRADITIONAL ASTROLOGY concentrates on planets, signs, aspects and houses and is highly effective when used with an accurate birth time. Interpretation can be esoteric and mystical and also practical. Australian Academy of Astrology & Cosmobiology students are given a thorough background in Traditional Astrology before being introduced to Cosmobiology

COSMOBIOLOGY concentrates on planets, signs, the ‘hard’ aspects and midpoints, without highlighting the houses. This creates a different focus, which is particularly useful when no birth time is available. Cosmobiology is favoured by researchers and many medical astrologers. Both systems of astrology are relevant. Australian Academy of Astrology & Cosmobiology students are taught both systems, but eventually choose their own favoured method of interpretation — a mystical or scientific approach to astrology.

The teaching of astrology has a long and historic tradition and the climate at the Australian Academy of Astrology & Cosmobiology is ideal for students with a genuine interest in learning and self-development. The Australian Academy of Astrology & Cosmobiology is located in Melbourne Victoria Australia. There is also a Senior Research Group for our Academy graduates, many of whom are now practising professional astrologers. For complete information on this program, visit the website.

The Avalon School of Astrology

Licensed by the State of Florida, the Avalon School of Astrology is one of the few licensed astrology schools in the U.S.A. It was established in the year 2002. A License to operate as an independent vocational school was granted by the Commission for Independent Education by the state of Florida in February 2003.

The school provides comprehensive training that prepares the student for a career in Astrology. Both part time and full time programs are available. The full time program requires 16 months to complete and consists of 4 semesters of study and 900 hours of classroom study. Graduates of the school will receive a diploma in Theoretical and Applied Cosmic Cybernetics. Please inquire about our proposed plan to transfer credits to the Kepler College of Astrology.

6212 N.W. 43rd Street, Suite A
Gainesville, FL 32653
phone: 352-375-1250

Beverley Rostant – Online Astrology Courses

ONLINE MEDICAL ASTROLOGY CLASS – This class teaches the basics of medical astrology by understanding the stress points in your chart. It can be used as a tool to help interpret times when you may be more prone to illness than other times. It is not to be used as a diagnostic tool, but can be used in conjunction with a medical professional to understand the process of the illness and the best remedies. There is no final exam. – 7 classes total. Class material sent out every Tuesday, and questions answered each week via email. Text – An Astrological Comparison of Planets in Medical Diagnosis. Volume 1: The Arterial System by Beverley Rostant.

Online Basic Astrology CAAE Level 1 – This class teaches the basic language and interpretation in Astrology using your own Natal chart as a reference. Once you have finished this course you should be able at a glance to interpret most charts on a basic level. Understanding why a personality is set up the way it is and how a person responds to stimulus over time. – 8 classes total, Text – Understanding The Birth Chart by Kevin Burk. Classes are sent out every Tuesday by email, and questions are answered through the week.

ONLINE PREDICTIVE/TRANSIT CLASSES – This class builds on the previous basic class, (using the transiting planets and your Natal chart) to see from the past critical times in your life where decisions were made by you to either change direction or to move forward. It then extrapolates in the future where you may be placed in similar circumstances and have the ability to make more informed choices. This method can be used for any circumstance in life, but love and romance are used to learn the tools for this class. There is no final exam. – 8 classes total. Class material sent every Tuesday, and questions answered each week via email. Text – Any major transit book. Robert Hands – Planets in transit is recommended, but may now be unavailable.

Basic Astrology CAAE Level I Course
Intermediate Astrology CAAE Level II Course
Medical Astrology Class
Solar Return Series CAAE Level III Course

Our online courses allow you to learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. There is no final exam, though you do qualify to take the C.A.A.E. Level I, and II exam in Toronto if you wish.

Sign up NOW through the Astrology Chart ordering of Astrology Classes Link at

Chris Brennan, online astrology courses

I offer both online courses and private tutoring in astrology through my website. The courses are presented through an online course site that each student gains access to upon registering. New students may sign up and gain access to a course at any time.

Here are the courses that I am currently offering: through my website.
Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology Course
Introduction to Horary Astrology Course
Introduction to Electional Astrology Course

Please go to the website for more information on the classes and fees.

Continiuum, the Jim Lewis Slayden Foundation

In these uncertain times, many astrological clients have questions about relocation. There’s a lot more to reading an Astro*Carto*Graphy map than observing which lines pass close to where you live. For more than 20 years, Jim Lewis, the acknowledged authority on Astro*Carto*Graphy, trained and certified astrologers to analyze and explain the close relationships between the individual and his or her place on earth.

In an effort to maintain Jim Lewis’s high standards of scholarship and practice in using both Astro*Carto*Graphy and Cyclo*Carto*Graphy, Continuum sponsors training and certification for Astro*Carto*Graphy and retains sole rights to administer tests and issue Certificates of Proficiency.

A Professional Astro*Carto*Grapher is an individual who understands the basic principles of astrology, shows familiarity with the techniques of movement in the horoscope, and is qualified to analyze and explain an A*C*G map using the techniques of Astro*Carto*Graphy. To be eligible for Professional Astro*Carto*Grapher status, a person must pass the certification exam. Visit the website for complete information on training and certification.

Carole Devine’s, Exploring Astrology Course

Carole’s study course takes the beginning student from the basics into more complex steps in a clear easy to learn format. The course consists of 94 tapes or CD’s that were recorded in her live classes. She also provides workbooks and quizzes that are mailed back to her for correction. The first semester covers the basics, including chart construction. The second semester works on character analysis and psychological complexes. The third one covers forecasting and counseling techniques and the fourth contains synastry, rectification, and relocation. She provides a certificate to graduates who complete the whole four semester program.

The Centre for Psychological Astrology

The Centre for Psychological Astrology offers a professional training course in psychological astrology. The main aims and objective are:

a) To provide students with a solid and broad base of knowledge both within the realm of traditional astrological symbolism and technique in the field of psychology, so that the astrological chart can be sensitively understood and interpreted in the light of modern psychological thought.

b) To make available to students psychologically qualified case supervision along with background seminars in counseling skills and techniques that would raise the standard and effectiveness of astrological consultation. It should be noted that no formal training as a counselor or therapist is provided by the course.

c) To encourage investigation and research into the links between astrology, psychological models and therapeutic techniques, thereby contributing to and advancing the already existing body of astrological and psychological knowledge.

Christopher Warnock’s Traditional Astrological Magic Web Course

Learn the Renaissance astrological magic of Cornelius Agrippa and Marsilio Ficino. Christopher Warnock, Esq. received a M.A. (Hons.) from the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) specializing in early modern and Renaissance history. He has studied with the leading traditional astrologers in America and has published in the Horary Practitioner, Pathways, the Mountain Astrologer and the Astrological Association Journal. This innovative course provides each student with a set of personal web pages, which only they can access, containing all necessary lessons, diagrams and links. The course is divided into modules and begins with an introduction to traditional electional astrology which teaches the student to make precise, to the minute magical elections. The second module teaches the student how to create astrological talismans for such diverse purposes as love, prosperity and fame. Modules for ritual timing and curse detection are under development. Check out the Renaissance Astrology Web Site for more information or contact Christopher Warnock at his email address.

Demetra George

Demetra George offers astrological classes via teleconference. These correspondence style courses allow you to work at your own pace and to tailor your learning to your interests.

Fundamentals of Interpretation

For the beginning astrology student, this course will introduce you to the core symbols in the astrological language – planets, signs, houses, and aspects. You will learn how to create astrological sentences, delineating the meanings of signs occupying houses, of planets located a sign and house and ruling another house, and aspects between planets. Skills in interpretation will be developed from the first class using charts that the students supply of persons they know and who are willing to give them feedback on their delineations. This module consists of six lessons; each lesson includes written material, a one-hour instructional and tutoring session via telephone, and homework which is evaluated. The students proceed at their own paces.

Integrated and Comprehensive Programs of Study
Courses are Offered for individuals and small groups
Personal instruction is given via teleconference

Dirah Academy for Vedic Astrology

Dirah Academy International is an institute that has teachers in the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain, Colombia, Croatia and Turkey.

The courses of Dirah Academy give credit hours for the certification program of the American College of Vedic Astrology (ACVA). In addition to that Dirah offers a professional diploma.

The courses are done through email. All courses have the chart of the participant as a starting point. Therefore you do not just learn about Vedic Astrology but you will also learn a lot about yourself. There are special lessons devoted to the relationship between your Vedic chart and your ayurvedic body type, remedial measures (for example the best gemstones and colours to wear) and to Hindu predictive astrology. The beginners course ends with a full interpretation of your Vedic chart.
This course offers flexible learning and one to one tuition with a practising, experienced Vedic astrologer.
The courses are available in English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch and the Croatian language.
For information see:

Donna Page’s Distance Course

Monthly access in depth astrology course.
Recorded lectures (2-3+hours) and custom pdf journal.
A monthly workshop delivered directly to you.

The study of astrology is a magical adventure. Have you wondered how to study astrology or where to study astrology? When looking at your options to study astrology online you can be torn as to who will be the best astrology teacher for you and what is the best method to study astrology. In fact finding the best way to learn astrology can be a study on astrology in and of itself!!!

The method I teach to learn astrology is a system that will help you understand the astrological transits and be able to use the energy of the universe have a hand in creating your future. This is where the understanding of the law of attraction meets with astrological principles of the blueprint that you came into the world with as seen in your astrology chart.

Erin Sullivan – Working with Astrology: Principles and Practice of Contemporary Psychological Astrology, 34-hours of pre-recorded audio and video in 17 classes

An online course in professional applied practice of astrology. Independent distance learning, self-directed training course in the professional applied practice of astrology. Registered students will gain access to all audio lectures and discussions, as well as printed material.

This course of study, 17 two-hour classes, made up of three modules or semesters, is taught in an organized but organic fashion; the modules are fixed and focused while the classes are more fluid within the subject matter. Rather like nature and humanity.

This is an excellent method of learning and absorbing vast amounts of information both in subtle and solid ways. Each of the modules, along with recommended reading, slowly increases one’s grasp on the knowledge of practical, archetypal and psychological astrology.

I recorded the classes live online, with real students . . . they are taught in ‘real time’ and available now to you both visually (as streaming video) and in audio format along with all of the PDF handouts that were originally used in the classes. So this course is just like ‘being there’ as you learn. I hope you enjoy the course and wish you the best in your studies.


The Faculty of Astrological Studies

Founded in London in 1948 this prestigious organization offers a correspondence course with contributors including Liz Greene, Nicholas Campion, John Addey, Charles Harvey and Dennis Elwell. Home study courses run throughout the year at Certificate and Diploma levels and the student is provided with a tutor from the ranks of top level UK and international astrologers. Contact with your personal tutor is through the mail, fax or email and courses are designed with both the beginner and advanced student in mind. For those serious students wishing to become professionals, achieving the D.F.Astrol.S diploma, which is internationally recognized is a worthy goal. Summer school in the UK is available and London based classes run annually from Sept. to April.

Ph# + (0) 7000 790143 fax + (0) 1689 603537

Federation of Australian Astrologers

When the FAA was founded (1971) one main objectives was to “conduct (astrological) examinations and award diplomas or other documents evidencing the performance of candidates in those examinations”. The national Exam FAA system was established in 1983 and the FAA Board of Examiners was established in 1985.

There are four exams that make up the FAA Diploma of Astrology. Each exam may be attempted in any order and there is no time limit to complete all four exams. It is not necessary to successfully complete one examination in order to do another. Any person may apply to sit an exam; the only requirement is that the candidate must be a financial member of an affiliated FAA association. For further information go to the FAA website.

Halifax Astrology School

The Halifax Astrology School guides students toward certification either with the NCGR or the CAAE. It includes hand calculation of the chart. These classes may be completed online or with a combination of online and either face to face or Skype classroom sessions.

Level 1-1 Planets and Aspects – the actors in our chart and their dialogue with each other.
Level 1-2 Signs and Houses – The costumes and scenery of the cosmic drama – situating the activity of our planetary parts.
Level 1-3 Standouts and Signatures – Where to start when you first pick up a chart.
Level 1-4 The Chart Story – The art of synthesis, blending the chart’s indications into a cohesive whole
Level 1-5 Natal Chart Math – How to hand calculate a chart and why you would want to bother to learn such a thing.
Level 1-6 The Astronomy of Astrology – O the wondrous skies!  This is the basis of all Astrology. Not to mention, it’s a lot of fun at backyard barbecues to be able to look up and say something cool about what you can see up there!

Intermediate classes which will prepare the student for NCGR Level II and equivalent exams will be available in 2017.

Hank Friedman’s Free On line Tutorials in Western & Vedic Astrology

Hank offers over 150 free tutorials in Western and Vedic Astrology along with recommended book lists in both fields on his website. You will find them under Learning Astrology. Hank adds a new tutorial bimonthly so check into his website on a regular basis.

Holistic Wellness training course – with certification

The course will be conducted by Dr. Rakesh Kumar, who is a Holistic Wellness teacher certified by New York State department of Education.

The course will be a 7 day course, which will be covering every Holistic practice. Each class will be for about 90 minutes. Students can take notes or do an audio record and make notes later as homework. Students may ask questions in between for any clarity or depth of any answers. This course will be held at 70-11, 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, New York-11372. You can Google ISHWAR CENTER and find us on the map.

The course will include subject such as:
1. Holistic counseling – Knowing and understanding the patient.
2. Determination of the patient’s cause and condition.
3. Finding alternative remedies for the conditions. (Ayurveda, Homeopathic, astrological and spiritual) – sourcing as well.
4. Determining the dose, frequency and the duration of treatment.
5. Nutrition and diet for the client.
6. Introduction of basic Yoga and guided meditation for the client.
7. Astrological significance of the planets on the human body.
8. Gem therapy for the client.
9. Understanding the basic birth chart, the aspects of the planets and effects.
10. Healing through Homeopathy, basics of Homeopathy, combination of homeopathic medicines, and finding the right dosage and multiple combinations of homeopathic medicines for various health conditions.

At the end of the course, the attendees will be given a certificate of “Holistic Wellness practitioner course” from ISHWAR Center.For more information, you may write to us at or call 718-429-1892 or 646-238-2570.

Horary Classes on DVD by Alphee Lavoie, Horary Master, Ncgr Level IV, Ncgr Research Director

Alphee is teaching horary classes again and you can attend! Alphee is the astrologer’s astrologer. Well known professional astrologers call Alphee when they need a horary chart read! Each DVD is a complete lesson by itself, taking you from the rudimentary beginnings of horary through the intermediate levels and advanced/professional levels. Even advanced students will find that they learn special tricks and tips in the beginning levels! The series builds on the first class of basic horary and takes you through to advanced instruction. You will watch Alphee delineated many horary charts right before your eyes and unravel their stories. Alphee is known as the Horary Master throughout the world and he is a brilliant teacher. This series of classes will teach you so much that you cannot read in any books…he is sharing his first hand experience of doing horary charts for over 45 years! For more information or to order: call 1 800 659 1247, 1 860 232 6521 or fax: 1 860 233 6117

IAA International Academy of Astrology

The IAA opened its cyber doors in November of 1997, bringing an exemplary astrological education to the home pc’s of students all over the world. Ena Stanley, President, wanted to teach an independent curriculum that would encompass many of the astrological organizations’ certification requirements and enable anyone, anywhere, with a home pc to obtain an outstanding astrological education with personal attention. Today, IAA is internationally recognized for excellence in astrological education and graduates are authorized to use the title Dipl.IAA after their name to demonstrate that they have completed this rigorous course of training and are fully qualified to practice astrology in a professional capacity. Graduates of IAA also have benefits of certification with some of the astrological testing organizations.

IAA offers many modules for the professional astrologer wishing to enhance their skill set in addition to taking the student from start to finish on the journey to become a professional astrologer. IAA offers a Medical Astrology module, a Traditional Astrology module, a Evolutionary Astrology module, a Vedic Astrology module, and more are in the process of being added. IAA even offers classes in the Spanish language.

IAA often holds lectures and workshops independent from our curriculum. The online public library at IAA holds free articles written by names you will recognize. There you will also find many lecture and workshop audio-visual recordings for sale as well, including those lectures from astrologers around the world who participated in our cyber astrology conference.

We are where you are! IAA offers live, in person, audio-visual education with weekly interaction with instructor and classmate coming right to your home pc. Check us out! You’ll notice some well known astrologers among our faculty!

26052 Detroit Road
Westlake, OH 44145 USA

International Academy of Astrology: Learn Astrology Online

International Academy of Astrology aspires to be the leader in online astrological education, dedicated to instilling our students with a commitment to a lifetime of learning, while empowering them to become professional astrologers of the utmost competence, integrity, and compassion.

Jeffrey Wolf Green’s School for Evolutionary Astrology

The School Of Evolutionary Astrology is a comprehensive course, in that it teaches the totality of astrology from the ground up, thru the prism of the Evolutionary Perspective. Thus the school starts with an exhaustive understanding of all the signs, houses, and planets. The entire Evolutionary Paradigm is then taught:

Pluto’s correlation to the Soul
its placement in the birth chart by house and sign
the location of the South Node of the Moon, and the location of its planetary ruler by house and sign
the meaning of the polarity point of Pluto by house and sign
the location of the North Node of the Moon, and the location of its planetary ruler by house and sign.
Many examples are given along the way.

It then teaches the nature of all the planetary aspects as understood thru the natural phases that they take place within: the New Phase, Crescent Phase, etc.

It teaches the understanding, use, and application of all the Planetary Nodes of each planet as these relate to the total evolutionary understanding of each individual.

Within this, the school teaches anatomy, physiology, and the chakra system, from the understanding of Pluto’s (the Soul itself) correlation to the specific RNA/ DNA signature of each person: their birth chart, and, thus, the reasons for this medical condition or that.

Since sexuality is a core part of most humans’ experience, The School Of Evolutionary Astrology also teaches the types of sexual desires that any soul has had and why, and what types of sexual desires the soul has in the current life and why, as they relate to the ongoing evolutionary development of each soul. Thus the entire spectrum of sexual desires and how to understand them in each chart is covered in the course.

And finally, the specific evolutionary methodology of measuring the evolutionary development of the soul thru time is taught, as this manifests through the transiting positions of the planets at any point in time, and thru various methods of planetary progressions at any point in time.

The School Of Evolutionary Astrology is recorded on 27 DVD’s – over 50 hours of material. The entire school has also been transcribed, and this printed transcript is provided along with the DVD’s. Copies of the birth charts discussed in the DVD’s are included in the transcript.

All students have access to the private School of Evolutionary Astrology Message Board, where they can ask questions that arise as they progress in their work. The Message Board is conducted by Deva Green, daughter of Jeffrey Wolf Green.

Evolutionary Astrology Certification
The school offers a certification program, for those who intend to do professional astrological counseling, or for those seeking personal validation of their understanding of the material and paradigm. (Many students become involved with the school simply for their own learning, without interest in certification. Certification is entirely optional.)

For those seeking certification, the process is ten specific homework charts must be successfully analyzed and interpreted, using the Evolutionary Paradigm. Each assignment is reviewed by Deva Green, daughter of Jeffrey Wolf Green. Upon successful completion of these ten charts, the student is issued a Certificate of Graduation as an Evolutionary Astrologer, competent to counsel people from the Evolutionary Astrology point of view.

Certification is encouraged, because it is through submitting homework and receiving feedback that the student can measure their progress in grasping the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm.

Boulder, Colorado, USA
Instructor: Kim Marie Kiepke

Jeffrey Wolf Green’s Evolutionary Introductory Workshop on DVD

Finally, a 15-hour Introductory Workshop to Evolutionary Astrology on DVD!!! This Introductory Workshop was recorded in the Black Hills of South Dakota early 2005 with Kim Marie and Deva Green. Kim Marie is the Director of the Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology Correspondence Course worldwide and Deva Green is Jeffrey Wolf Green’s daughter. Deva’s Sagittarius planets and Kim Marie’s packed ninth house made for an entertaining and informative workshop that is easy to follow and understand. It takes the student through the very basics of astrology from the perspective of Evolutionary Astrology. It makes for an excellent prerequisite to the Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology and Correspondence Course. It makes a great stand-alone introduction to Evolutionary Astrology. The EA Introductory Workshop consists of eight DVDs and all the handouts. It will be listed on for $200 plus shipping ($10 in U.S.; $25 Internationally). It may be paid via check, money order or credit/debit cards (American Express, Discover, Mastercard & Visa). Yes, 90-day layaways accepted, send a letter and deposit. This EA Introductory Workshop is packaged to match the course binders of the newly revised EA Correspondence Course.

Kepler College of Astrological Education

Kepler has attracted a wide range of individuals from all over the United States to all over the world.

Our instructors are are known for both their astrological skills and their ability to teach in an online environment. Classes are often team-taught or have adjuncts and lecturers so that students get multiple perspectives.

Our students come from all over the United States and all over the world because they want more than just rote learning.

Actively interpreting the connection between the cosmos and nature as well as between the cosmos and human being are ways that cultures worldwide have dealt with issues of change – changes in individual lives or changes in one’s society or nation.

Today we would call many of these practices astrology, and for the last 400 years they were seldom studied in depth in an academic or vocational environment. Few colleges had courses that critically examined how various cultures interpreted and applied their knowledge of cosmological events to human affairs, nor how these beliefs influenced the development of science, medicine, the arts, politics, literature, mythology and religion. Kepler College was founded to change this picture. It succeeded. Even though we no longer offer a degree program, our mission is to change the educational landscape continues.

4630 200th St. S.W., Suite P, Lynnwood WA 98036
(425) 673-4292 fax (425) 673-4983 by Naomi Bennett
DVD Course on Astrology’s History, Design & Meaning

Now on DVD is a remarkable 8 hour course by Naomi Bennett as she lectures to a group of students on the integrating theory of astrology as it relates to sacred geometry and current scientific thought. She progresses you through the meaning of the signs, the houses, planets and aspects that were discovered by Carl Payne Tobey. Since that time, she has deepened and expanded on CPT’s discoveries to current thought since his writings in the 1950’s. She has added her own research to cross relate these concepts with recent research and related fields of study.

This course is extensively researched and documented with a reference list of resources for the serious student of astrology and it’s associated fields. This is a foundation course for both the beginning student and for those that wish to understand the underlying theory of sacred geometry that is hidden within the design of astrology that few have fully understood.

The Carl Payne Tobey Correspondence Course

Naomi Bennett was a student and associate of the late great Carl Payne Toby who along with Grant Lewi and other astrologers revived astrology in the 1920’s and 30’s in New York City. Tobey believed that astrology was sacred geometry and a form of mathematics applied to living life. He was also an advocate of the equal house system. He was known for his predictive work using transits, Arabic parts, planetary nodes and other techniques discovered through 30 years of experience This course is his original work created in 1955.
Naomi Bennett,
Austin, Tx 78746
(512) 619-8255

Learn Business Astrology

Do you have a background in business and want to apply astrology to businesses and organizations? This exciting area offers a huge market that is expanding every year. Learn to read organizational charts and give business consultations. Learn how to choose the best times to start new companies, introduce new products or services, sign contracts, do promotional mailings, and other major business activities.

Basic Business Astrology:
A 6-hour tape or CD set covering the basics of planets, houses and cycles (transits, rogressions, solar arcs and eclipses) for businesses. When and how organizations are “born,” and the basics of what the planets and houses mean in a company chart. The various types of company charts is also covered. One company (a manufacturer) is used for examples throughout the entire course, applying the information on each planet, house and cycle. This class assumes a basic understanding of planets, houses, and aspects, as well as knowledge of progressions and transits. 6-Hour Tape or CD Set: $90, includes binder, plus copies of handouts.

Intermediate Business Astrology:
A 6-hour tape or CD set covering the business charts for different types of companies to learn how planets, houses and cycles manifest in different kinds of organizations. Types of companies covered include 1) a software manufacturing company, 2) a retail store, 3) a distributor, 4) a company, and 5) a professional services company. This class also covers the types of industries associated with each of the signs. 6-Hour Tape or CD Set: $90, includes binder, plus copies of handouts. Pre-requisite to Intermediate Business Astrology Class: The Basic Business Astrology Class or its equivalent is recommended.

Basic Business Electional Astrology:
Basic Business Electional Astrology covers information about how to elect or choose good dates and times for business applications, including 1) new company starts, 2) new product or service introductions, 3) mergers, 4) contract signing times, 5) promotional mailings, 6) new team starts or new divisions, 7) legal actions, etc. Discover the strange rules associated with electional astrology and keep yourself and your clients out of trouble! 6-Hour Tape or CD Set: $90, includes binder, plus copies of handouts. Pre-requisite to Basic Business Electional Astrology Class: The Basic Business Astrology Class or its equivalent is recommended.

Intermediate Business Electional Astrology Classes:
The intermediate class covers charts of actual applications. Learn the ins and outs of finding the right time to start a company, do a mailing, introduce a product, sign a contract, etc. You must have a computer to take this class. This class consists of doing actual electionals, plus weighing the good and challenging points of each chart. In order to gain the maximum benefit, you will need to do some preparation for the three classes and follow the charts and discussion on your computer as you listen to the tapes. 6-Hour Tape or CD Set: $90, includes binder plus assignment. Pre-requisite to Intermediate Business Electional Astrology Class: The Basic Business Astrology Class (or its equivalent) and Basic Business Electional Astrology (or its equivalent) are recommended.

Polaris Business Guides, LLC
Toll free: 877-524-8300 ext 401

Lee Lehman’s Classical Studies Curriculum

Lee presents an entire curriculum of study in the Classical method. Study the basics,
and then pick up the advanced courses of your choosing:
cs 101: Beginning Classical Natal Astrology
cs 102: Classical Studies in Horary
cs 201: Classical Studies in Electional
cs 202: Classical Mundane Astrology
cs 301: Classical Studies in Medical Astrology
cs 302: Classical Studies in Gaming
cs 303: Classical Studies in Horary – Advanced
Courses range in cost from $300 to $420, with payment plans available.

The Light on Vedic Astrology Online Course

The Light on Vedic Astrology Online Course is a training program for those who want to become proficient Vedic astrologers. It’s designed to teach Vedic astrology in as clear, systematic, convenient and affordable manner as possible. There are three Levels to the Online Course that are each taught as three months courses

Level One: Natal Chart Interpretation Skills – 24 Lessons (3 months)
Level Two: Predictive Interpretation Skills – 24 Lessons (3 months)
Level Three: Advanced Interpretation Skills – 24 Lessons (3 months)

Why Choose the Light On Vedic Astrology Online Course?

It’s Interactive and fun by using audio, video, discussion board, online quizzes, drills, exercises, homework assignments and other interactive features to maximize the learning experience.
It’s convenient and internet-based, which allows flexibility to study anytime, and anywhere there’s online access.
It teaches thorough, systematic, effective, and proven methods based on Sri K.N. Rao’s renowned approach.
You will receive a 1 hour phone tutorial session and ongoing daily discussion board support.
You will receive three Astro-Profile articles included in the course fee. These will be sent to you as a pdf file by email.
You can receive ACVA certification hours.

Maggie Kerr’s Universal Astrology

Maggie Kerr is very healing in her use of Astrology and describes her course as a blending of Esoteric or Soul Centered Astrology with the Psychotherapies. She works with many tools and techniques for healing and repositioning your unconscious psychological makeup. There are four main units in the course and each of these has over 30 tapes. The number of tapes is considerable because she discusses many other areas in Metaphysics and all kinds of healing related modalities. It is more than a basic astrology course and suits people who are interested in healing and growing through the use of your own horoscope, to eventually reach a point of greater conscious awareness and in turn, empowerment. She suggests that you might like to buy the set of books (800 pages) and enjoy them, and then take on the whole course which includes 140 tapes that run 90 minutes. Maggie brings over 20 years of experience to her work, and since the publication the books have met with wide spread approval and enjoyment.

The Mastery of Astrology

Bob Mulligan offers a complete correspondence school with a very comprehensive program leading to professional practice. Much of the study can be done over the Internet. Still there is some material that you will need to receive through regular mail. If you provide him with your address, he will send you a brochure and Syllabus for “The Mastery of Astrology” Correspondence school classes. This will give you some detail on the entire four year program. There is homework and tests for every class. Bob personally trains each person connected with the school. After you complete the first 48 lessons, he corrects all the homework and tests himself. They work on revising and upgrading the material connected with the classes continually. They have a newsletter coming out four times a year to inform everyone of the changes and improvements. They desire to have the classes be the very best so the students are able to practice astrology with integrity and success. Call, email, fax or write at anytime for assistance. “The Mastery of Astrology” classes cover every aspect of astrology starting at the very beginning and ending with your own professional practice. Bob personally helps you set up your practice as you reach the higher levels of study. You can start at any time and end at any one of four levels. There are several payment methods and the first series of classes can be started for as little as $250 for the first eight classes. All required material is included in the purchase price of the classes.

P.O.Box 9273, Naples, FL 34101
(941) 261-2840

Mayo School of Astrology
Internationally recognized school of Astrology leading to the qualification DMSAstrol.

Principal: Wendy Stacey, BA, MA, Dip LSA and the email is

Founded by Jeff Mayo, author of the famous introductory Teach Yourself Astrology, the Mayo School offers correspondence courses at both Certificate and Diploma level and issues a list of their qualified consultants who have gained the School’s Diploma (DMSAstrol).Please visit updated website

Maurice Fernandez Astrology Courses in Evolutionary Astrology

Become a Leading Astrologer | Take Astrology to the Future

Cutting Edge Content – Intimate Learning Atmosphere – Transformative – Practical

The body of knowledge is vast and unique with a focus on identifying the evolutionary essence of the soul. Insights are penetrating, precise, and practical. Participants are educated in the skill of synthesis, diagnosis, and effective counseling, and are certified to offer solution-based, empowering readings.
10 Segments : The Nodes of the Moon, Neptune & the 12th House, Pluto & Uranus, Relationship Dynamics, Transits & Progressions, Chart Interpretation and Synthesis, Counseling Skills
10 Workshops: Vocational Guidance, Retrogrades, Chiron, Saturn, The Ascendant, Asteroids, Medical Astrology (Mental & Physical), Locational Astrology, Astronomy and Myth, Past lives and Reincarnation in the chart.

Courses are Partly on location and partly distance learning. Check for current classes and schedules.


NCGR offers traditional instruction through conferences, local chapters, and distance learning solutions which are all designed for aspiring professionals interested in pursuing Certification.

The NCGR Curriculum and Certification Program is divided into four progressive levels LI, LII, LIII, LIV. The first three levels require testing supervised in person by NCGR exam monitors. Part of Level III and all of Level IV are take- home tests. The only exception to monitored testing is when a particular school has gained equivalency to any of the first three exams; Level IV must always be taken through the NCGR Examiners.

The Study Guide can provide the areas of study necessary to complete each examination. Astronomy is studied on each level, becoming increasingly more detailed as the student progresses. Ethical concerns in counseling are addressed throughout the program. Students are encouraged to engage in additional studies in counseling skills and other fields related to their intended focus in one or more of the following areas: consulting, technical research, general studies, and instruction, each with its own specific requirements.

Students who have passed the requirements of Level IV, in any one of the four “majors,” and have agreed to uphold NCGR’s ethical standards of practice, are entitled to use the letters C.A., Certified Astrologer, NCGR, after their name on publications and promotional items.

The Nightlight Astrology School

The Nightlight Astrology school features a blend of divinatory, archetypal, and evolutionary forms of astrology, with an emphasis in client counseling. The Nightlight Astrology school was founded in 2010 by Author and Astrologer Adam Elenbaas. Adam’s background in astrology comes alongside of a decade of devotion to the ayahuasca medicine path, as well as a background in social work, art therapy, yoga, and higher education.

To Learn more about the Nightlight Astrology school, the teachers and programs we host, or more about Adam and his work, please visit our website at:

The Noel Tyl Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology

Considered one of the finest courses available in astrology today, the Master’s Degree has enrolled over 250 students internationally. This correspondence course is designed for students with astrology experience requiring at least 15 to 20 chart interpretations, good astrology software capable of multiple tasks, and word processing capability for clear homework assignments. The course consists of nineteen in-depth lessons. Each lesson will require 40 to 50 hours to complete. Noel studies each lesson personally and returns a tape (25 to 45 minutes) to the student with his personal guidance. Each student proceeds at their personal pace, but Noel recommends that a lesson be completed every 4 to 5 weeks. The text for the course is Noel’s classic 1000-page teaching manual Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology. There is an exam at the end of the final lesson and certification for successful completion of the course, which is acknowledged by the international astrology community. Successful completion of this course prepares the student for professional service and hones skills to a new level for currently practicing professionals. This course may be followed by Noel’s Consultation Skills Training program, advanced guidance for established professionals. Noel will teach you how to present a horoscope analysis to your client, skills in leading consultation development and how to involve your client in self management and development among other topics. This is a nineteen lesson printed course requiring 40 to 60 hours of study for each lesson. For course fees and further curriculum details, access Noel’s website below.
(480) 816-0000

NW Institute of Vedic Sciences

If you are a novice or a western astrologer, and want to learn Vedic Astrology, let us teach you Jyotish, the Science of Light from the basics. Our easy-to-follow Audio Correspondence Course with over 100 hours of guided instruction is complete with professional handouts, charts, and all course materials. The course includes the fundamentals of the signs, planets, houses, yogas, dasas, the 27 lunar mansions, chart interpretation, and gem therapy. Your instructor, Dennis Flaherty, is one of the few westerners experienced and certified in both Western tropical and Vedic Sidereal Astrology. The total fee for the seven series (56 tape) correspondence course is only $360. The course can be followed at the student’s individual pace and purchased on a series at a time. Dennis is also available for personal tutoring and consultations.

611 Main St. Suite C
Edmonds WA 98020
(425) 778 – NIVS

Portland School of Astrology

We offer Year-Long Programs, Quarterly Classes, Online Classes, Conferences, Events, Digital Downloads and a community of engaged people.

PSA has a focus on embodied astrology with an inclusive anti-oppression framework and exploring personal empowerment


The Pluto School

Evolutionary Astrology is a style of astrology that is predicated on the idea that the soul is an incarnate being who exists today within the context of past incarnations. In this way, we can use the birth chart to identify the core issues the soul is faced with in the current lifetime.

Mark Jones style of Evolutionary Astrology expands on the teachings of Jeffrey Wolf Green and Dane Rudhyar. This deep and penetrating work is the perfect match for Mark’s skills and background as a professional Psychosynthesis Counselor in the UK. Mark approaches his work with deep reverence, compassion and insight, and his clients are fully supported on perhaps the deepest journey into archetypal astrology that they have experienced.

Mark’s Pluto School is an online school dedicated to spreading this powerfully transformative information across the globe.


The Qualifying Horary Practitioner course was devised by Olivia Barclay in 1984 and was the first of its kind to teach traditional methods as practiced by the great 17th century astrologer William Lilly. Barbara Dunn, a graduate from the London School of Economics, Head Tutor for the QHP and Faculty Diploma holder, inherited the QHP from Olivia Barclay in 2001 and is now Principal. Barbara has 23 years experience as a Horary Astrologer.

This is a one-year course divided into Six Lessons, covering the basic techniques of Horary Astrology. Upon graduation the student becomes a Qualified Horary Practitioner at Certificate level (QHP Cert.)

The Diploma course can only be started after completion of the Certificate. This is a two-year course divided into Ten Lessons, covering the techniques needed to answer a variety of Horary questions. At the end of the course, students should be able to make an accurate, verifiable prediction from a Horary map. This, together with continual assessment throughout the course, replaces a final examination. Upon graduation the student becomes a fully Qualified Horary Practitioner at Diploma level (QHP Dip) and eligible to join the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI).
Contact Barbara at for a prospectus.

RASA School of Astrology

Astrology is a wonderful language. When learning a language, one must first learn the alphabet, then simple words, then phrases, then sentences, then paragraphs and so on. It is the same with astrology. But since astrology applies directly to your life and the people around you, it makes studying insightful and fun. What you learn can be applied right away.

To complete all of the courses will take from three to four years, at the speed of one class a week. This is a very appropriate speed to learn astrology and absorb what you are learning. Every week something new is added and your perceptive abilities will grow.
The curriculum has been approved by Professional Astrologers Inc.

If you follow through to the end of the classes, you will have spent some two hundred plus hours on your own horoscope. After this, you will certainly have the capacity and the right to speak to someone else for an hour or two. You will know what you are talking about! The language will be yours. How you use it will then be up to you.

Astrology totally inspired and transformed my life. I hope that it will do the same for you.
Robin Armstrong

Richard Fiddler – Western and Vedic Astrology courses

The courses I teach are intended to provide students with a solid foundation from which to explore the subject further, either with me, or on their own, or elsewhere. I believe that my approach leads students to master core techniques fairly quickly which some would consider fairly advanced. These core techniques are, in my experience as a professional astrologer, the methods that yield the most consistently useful and accurate information. The sooner students place the focus on these techniques, the sooner astrology that really works begins to come alive for them.

I personally guide students (via e-mail and/or Skype, or any other mutually convenient means of communication) through the course material. When students enroll I commit myself to sticking with them, as long as they are willing to try, until they master every stage of the journey. I don’t expect the people I teach to adhere to my approach. I have taught many people, at various levels, who have then gone ahead and explored aspects of astrology that I never have, and maybe never will. I am satisfied in such cases that I was able to get them orientated and equipped for their journey.

Robert Zoller’s Medieval Astrology Correspondence Course

The Foundation Course in Medieval Astrology is a comprehensive course designed by the world renowned astrologer and scholar, Robert Zoller. As a Latinist, he received his initial training in Latin at the Summer Latin Institute of the City University Graduate Center in New York in 1974. In 1977 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in medieval studies from the Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at City College New York. Robert is a co-founder of Project Hindsight and has translated many important works including Al-Kindi’s , On the Stellar Rays and Liber Hermetis which deals with the still older Hellenistic Astrology. The Foundation Course is designed to give you an overview of Medieval Astrology and teaches basic techniques. The course materials and audio lectures with transcripts, diagrams and illustrations are downloadable from his web site, which you may access directly at the address below. There is a test at the end of each lesson and students may proceed at their own pace. There will be a Certificate in Medieval Astrology awarded for successful completion of the course after which the student may progress to the Advanced Medieval Astrology Course and gain the Diploma in Medieval Astrology which is recognized by all major astrological bodies. Medieval astrology has achieved a reputation for accuracy and reliability as a predictive tool that even surpasses Vedic or Greek Astrology. Check into the web site for more information and answers to questions on this very exciting course.

School of Traditional Astrology (STA)
Founded by Deborah Houlding

The School of Traditional Astrology (STA) specialises in the training of horary astrology practitioners. Its educational focus is the integration of traditional astrological teachings within contemporary astrological practice.

Founded by Deborah Houlding, the school offers practitioner’s level accreditation in horary through attendance at courses, residential intensives or interactive online presentations. Since 1996 residential intensives have been held at venues as far afield as Australia, Bali, England, France, Hawaii, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Scotland and Tasmania.

The school also offers advanced level accreditation for tutors and astrologers specialising in horary astrology, through a three-year correspondence course which leads to the astrological qualification STA (DipH).

The aim of the STA is to: facilitate greater understanding and respect for the philosophy and practice of horary astrology, support the development of horary practitioners to their full potential, ensure the historical transmission of astrology as a line of continuation between past, present and future practitioners.

The STA is a member of the Advisory Panel on Astrological Education and its courses are approved by the Association of Professional Astrologers International.

Soulsign Astrology
Remember Your Destiny

Astrologer and astro-alchemist Adam Gainsburg offers experiential classes in the unique and powerful system of Soulsign – the awakening and embodying of your Soul pattern within your body, heart and mind as revealed by your birth chart. Teaching programs are offered for both beginning and advanced levels. Programs include: Soul of Astrology, Two Modes of Identity, Pluto & the Lunar Nodes, Chiron, and the Collective Venus and Mars Journeys.

 Steven   Forrest  The Pluto School

Forrest Astrology offers training and certification for astrology students and practitioners seeking mastery in Steven Forrest’s time-tested methods. Our Astrologer Apprenticeship Program (AP) certification provides students with a structured path towards becoming proficient in this kind of astrology in preparation for building a professional astrology practice.

We offer several levels of certification tailored to suit your needs. All levels except Apprentice Astrologer require attendance at live workshop events. Steven feels that direct contact is crucial for the deepest transmission of this material. However, we know that not all students will have the opportunity to attend a live event, so many distance-learning options are available through our website.

Teleconference Studies with Rose Marcus

Rose Marcus has taken astrology courses to a new level by providing classes on the telephone as conference calls. She has started her series with courses on introductory Evolutionary Astrology and Medical astrology. You can check her website or email her for dates, times, fees and dial up instructions.
(604) 988-1299

Traditional Horary Astrology

Sue Ward is the principal of the Traditional Horary Course which teaches the methods of William Lilly, the greatest astrologer of recent times. The course material takes the student a step at a time through all the techniques necessary for an accurate horary or natal interpretation. The course is suitable for all levels from beginner to experienced. It teaches everything required for any astrological application, although it focuses on horary, it is just as suitable for natal, mundane and electional astrology. All fees are paid in stages to avoid large advance payments and thus to avoid excluding students on purely financial grounds.

The Vision Quest Astrology Internship Program
(Two consecutive years)

Designed for beginning astrologers, the program teaches students to interpret birth and transit charts by integrating knowledge of zodiac signs, planetary energies, aspects and transits. During the second year, students will work with a practice client in order to hone their counseling skills. A certificate of graduation is awarded upon successful completion of the program.

For more information on astrology sessions and the Vision Quest Astrology Internship Program please contact Kari via email at
or phone 410-662-4676