Local Astrology Classes

Learn Astrology in your home town with local astrology classes.

I will be adding listings of astrology classes by state and city in the U.S. and by city and country Internationally.

Check back often to see if someone is offering astrology lessons where you live. If you don’t have a class in your area, check the Astrology Courses page for listings of great astrology correspondence courses.
Local Astrology Classes

Dorothy Morgan provides astrology classes in person, by phone or skype and offers several study groups locally. Follow the link for complete information.


US Local Astrology Classes by State


Alabama – astrology classes

Alaska – astrology classes



Alabama – astrology classes

California – astrology classes


Academy of AstroPsychology

Regular SF Bay Area classes & workshops are taught by Dr. Glenn Perry, noted astrologer and psychotherapist. These can be taken separately or in conjunction with the AstroPsychology Mentorship Program, which constitutes three levels.

 For each level of the program, there is a specific text authored by Dr. Perry. Texts are supplemented by 36 audiotapes. Assignments can be e-mailed to Dr. Perry for review and personalized feedback, or students can opt for face-to-face mentoring. For more information about workshops, classes, or the Mentorship Program, contact our website:

glenn@aaperry.com or call Dr. Perry at 321-610-3670

Alexandra Karacostas – Sacramento CA

Alexandra teaches astrology classes in the Sacramento Ca area. She offers both beginning and intermediate classes and is available for individual instruction. Visit her website for more information.

(530) 520-9992

Greg Bogart’s Astrology Tutoring Program

Private astrotutoring by Greg Bogart, PhD, MFT. I offer individual instruction to develop your chart interpretation and counseling skills. I emphasize in-depth understanding of transit cycles and secondary and solar arc progressions. My approach is humanistic, transpersonal, psychological, and archetypal. Sessions are available by telephone, and in person at my office in North Berkeley, California. 

I am a licensed psychotherapist and a professional astrologer since 1981. I received my level IV certification from NCGR in 1986, and have spoken at national conferences of AFA, ISAR, and UAC. I am the author of Astrology and Spiritual Awakening; Therapeutic Astrology; and my latest book, Astrology and Meditation: The Fearless Contemplation of Change.

(510) 594- 4329

Hank Friedman’s Astrology Classes and Tutorials – Berkeley

Hank is offering private tutorials in both Western and Vedic astrology and also starting a new 12-week program of Learning Vedic Astrology for Western Astrologers. His love of Western astrology makes him particularly well-suited to helping other Western astrologers learn the value, methods, and approach of Vedic astrology. Hank also provides, at no charge, dozens of lessons in both Western astrology and on Vedic Astrology on his website.


Dr. Craig Martin – Los Angeles Astrology School

Small class sizes dedicated to providing all levels of
astrology study. Whether you are looking for a basic
understanding and astrology foundation or are wanting to
deepen an already existing course of study, the Los Angeles
Astrology School has a class that’s right for you.
Our focus is to provide you with the tools to read charts
and gain self-awareness for yourself and others.



Jessica Murray’s Mentorship Program – San Francisco

Jessica offers one-on-one tutorials to serious students. In the age-old tradition of in-depth instruction, the mentorship program is designed to continue the unbroken thread of astrological knowledge, as well as to undertake an examination of the soul work indicated by the student’s chart. Jessica teaches in her San Francisco office or by phone.


NCGR – Bay Area Chapter/San Francisco



NCGR – Los Angeles County



NCGR – Sacramento



NCGR – San Diego

Psychological Astrology Training Program – Santa Barbara

ACS psychological astrology program provides an intimate forum for understanding your own chart as well as for delivering empowering and life affirming readings for others. The learning environment is interactive and supportive and all questions and perspectives are considered. The information is taught experientially, utilizing metaphor and mythology and offering specific practical tools. 

There are special lab sessions each quarter, designed to help you practice and integrate the material. Participating is fun filled, informative, and life changing.

Classes are limited to 16 people in order to provide quality instruction for everyone.
No previous psychology or astrology experience needed.
To enroll or for more information contact Barbara.
805-899-1970 x #4

Jennifer Freed, Ph.D. MFT, ISAR certified Astrologer
Barbara R. Yaffee, REV

Sher Astrological Institute – Los Angeles

The Institute is offering classes for the true beginner extending to training and mentorship for the advanced astrological practitioner as well as for those who just want to learn astrology for fun. The astrological philosophy of the school emphasizes the archetypal (Jungian), mythic and transformational approaches to astrological education. 

Classes are structured to be very interactive, as students discover more about themselves and others through this method. Classes are held in the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, and soon in the West L.A. area. You can learn much more about the philosophy, curriculum, classes, and teaching methods by going to the web site below and checking us out.

or call Jim at 818-501-7114

Colorado – astrology classes


Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness with Maurice Fernandez – Boulder

Maurice Fernandez is offering his complete course for amateur and professional astrologers in beautiful Boulder Co. It is designed to provide extensive knowledge for identifying the nature of a person’s consciousness and its inherent evolutionary challenges through the birth chart. This course is one of the most insightful and comprehensive available.

 His perspective is inspired by the evolutionary paradigms originally developed by Jeffrey Wolf Green. Upon fulfilling all course requirements, participants will receive a Certificate of Astrological Counseling Competence.

 The program includes about 240 hours of study and practice, and will be composed of seven week-long segments over the course of a year. Classes begin on June 15, 2007 in Boulder CO. For complete course information and registration please visit the website below.
NCGR – Denver

Ingrid Jeffries Astrology Classes – Denver

Setting Intention at the New Moon / A Monthly Predictive Astrology Class
When we set our intention at the New Moon we work with our natural yearly astrological rhythms. Each month a new area of life experience presents its opportunities for greater self-expression, accomplishment and understanding. 

When we consciously work with these energies we tap into our personal flow of life force energies. This class provides you with your natal chart, personal written notes, handouts on Lunar Astrology, manifestation rituals and ideas. It is offered at two locations monthly:

Isis Bookstore at 5701 E. Colfax, Denver, CO
The Buffalo Building at 306 S. Lookout Mountain Rd. Golden, Co Pre-registration is required 303 697-8309
Astrology: The Interpretational System
2007 dates to be decided
This is the next step in astrological interpretation techniques. Students are expected to understand sign, planetary, house and aspect symbolism. We will take our understanding of the aspects and planets to a deeper and more sacred level. Time measurements of Transits, Secondary Progressions and Solar Arcs will be explored, as will ruler-ship networks and use of the graphic ephemeris. Handouts provided. Fee: $250 for 6-week course or $55 per class.

Synastry: The Astrology of Relationship
2007 dates to be decided
This class is designed for the more advanced student. We will work with bi-wheels as well as composite charts. We will not only consider the traditional compatibility factors but also view the charts from a Karmic perspective using the sidereal and tropical zodiacs. 

Students need to be familiar with aspect meanings, planetary rulerships, sign and house symbolism, as well as comfortable reading bi and tri-wheel charts. Workbook and handouts provided. Fee: $250 for 6-week course or $55 per class.

(720) 560-5555

Sandra-Leigh Serio

Sandra-Leigh is a certified professional astrologer by the American Federation of Astrologers and the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR). She brings 30 years of full-time practice interpreting charts and forecasting events for clients to her classes. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and expertly combines the integration of the two disciplines. 

Visit her website for more information at her website.


Soulsign Astrology – Boulder

Classes and programs on how to identify the actual Soul pattern, destined Identity and evolutionary intent of an individual, couple or project. The Soulsign work is a holographic approach to astrology: students are encouraged to cultivate their body awareness, intuitive ability and breathing throughout their learning. Of the large number of classes offered, the following two are periodically offered in the Boulder area:

1. The Soul’s Desire & the Evolution of Identity (Pluto & the Lunar Nodes) – a comprehensive immersion into accurately interpreting both Soul and Identity levels of consciousness and revealing the unique alchemy between them. These are some of the most powerful and direct methods for examining the actual evolution of consciousness through a person’s incarnational experience. Based on the book of the same name.

2. The Broken-Open Heart: Evolving the Wound into Medicine (Chiron) – this class covers Soulsign’s original and groundbreaking approach to interpreting Chiron. Students learn how to ‘see’ Chiron and its natal signatures as the sacred wound (original separation), the broke-open heart (healing), the sacred medicine (earned wisdom), and the medicine walk (applied wisdom).


Connecticut – astrology classes


Astrological Society of Connecticut


Delaware – astrology classes

DC – astrology classes 


Florida – astrology classes

Astrology Miami

Through Astrology Miami and Powerful Light, Roman Oleh Yaworsky offers a ten-week class for beginners, as well as workshops and classes for advanced students. He can be reached at 305 866 9396 or through email at roman@powerfullight.com.

Bob Mulligan – Naples Fl.

For the first time in 20 years, the entire first series of classes will be given October 19 & 20th 2013 from
9 am-6 pm in Naples, FL. We cover the foundation of astrology from the beginning.

Bob Mulligan is a professional astrologer with 40 years of experience and teaching astrology since 1974. For more information or to register call (239)261-2840 or email Bobmulliga@aol.com

Barbara, Ruzzene  Del Ray Beach, FL. 

My classes are Wednesdays 7-9 and Sundays from 1-3. Topics are mixed. Beginners to intermediate. I have a 6-week class starting in January. Basic Astrology.  Call to enroll or for more information.

Astrology Classes by Leslie Marlar – Indialantic, Fl

Aquarian Dreams Store
Saturdays and weekday evenings.
Various astrological topics. Students’ charts are supplied and are part of the class. Check the website for schedules. Be ready to have fun.


NCGR – Florida Atlantic, Hollywood

Georgia – astrology classes

Hawaii – astrology classes

Shakti Carola Navran – Maui


Idaho – astrology classes

Illinois – astrology classes


Friends Of Astrology – Westmont IL.

Christine Arens is certified through the oldest and very prestigious astrology organization, the AFA as a Professional Teaching Member of the American Federation of Astrologers. She offers private classes through the Unity Church in Oak Park IL for students and an advanced astrology course for students interested in taking professional certification testing. Please contact Christine for the curriculum and registration.


NCGR – Northern Illinois


NCGR – Southwest Suburban Chicago


Iowa – astrology classes

Kansas – astrology classes

Every month, Dianne Lawson gives talks, classes and workshops in northeast Kansas at differing locations, including The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, Topeka Parks and Recreation community centers, Marion Lane Candles, businesses, groups, organizations and churches. Topics include Basic Astrology, Astrology and the Bible and Easily Solve Your Problems through Astrology.

For information contact her at
785-232-2836 or

Kentucky – astrology classes

Louisiana – astrology classes

Maine – astrology classes

Maryland – astrology classes

NCGR -Annapolis


NCGR – Baltimore


Massachusetts – astrology classes

NCGR – Boston


Elizabeth Rozan – Lexington

The Path of Transformational Development

Astrologer Elizabeth Rozan offers private, personalized, one-on-one instruction in Astrology from the Hermetic perspective.

This can be done in-person or at a distance. Course of study covers direct
application to holistic healing, strategies for co-creating with cosmic resources, and planning alignment
with natural rhythms.


Chrissie Blaze Astrology classes

Astrologer, spiritual teacher, and author of nine published books. She has lectured internationally on astrology and the esoteric sciences for decades and teaches classes in the Madison Hts area of Michigan and other locations.

Check her website for her current schedule or call at 248-804-9945.

NCGR – Southeastern Michigan


Minnesota – astrology classes

Adam Woltler – Moonday Night Teach-ins – Minneapolis

Hands-on, personalized lessons for all levels
1st, 3rd, and 5th Mondays
Sliding Scale: $10 – $20
Holistic Gateway
1415 6th St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

NCGR – St. Paul


Travelers Well – Minneapolis

Scott Wolfgram gives classes, lectures and workshops both locally in Minneapolis and St. Paul and nationally on Evolutionary Astrology, Astrology of Location and Asteroids. Check Specific topics include:
Astrology of Location – Mapping Your Soul’s Journey
Asteroids and the Classic Myths
Evolutionary Stages of the Soul – New Perspectives on Chart Interpretation
From Karma to Dharma – Embracing Your Purpose in Life
The Astrological Detective and the Foundations of the U.S. Chart
Saturn – Compass of Reality
Jupiter – Cycles of Opportunity and the Evolutionary Journey Relationships and the Path to Divine Love
Asteroids and the Path to Divine Love
Geodetic Mapping – Cultural Signatures, Past Lives and Current Events


Mississippi – astrology classes

Missouri – astrology classes


Astrological Association of St. Louis


Montana – astrology classes

NCGR – Big Sky Chapter, Missoula


Nevada – astrology classes

NCGR – Las Vegas Stargazers


NCGR – Sierra Nevada Chapter – Reno


New Hampshire – astrology classes

Dorothy Morgan personalized astrology classes and study groups

Astrology classes
In person and On-Line
Beginner • Intermediate

Astrology is your connection to everything in life.  Wouldn’t you like a cheat sheet on how to help and understand yourself and your family better? This is what Astrology can do for you.  Start your journey today!


New Jersey – astrology classes

Astrological Society of Princeton N.J.


NCGR – Northern New Jersey



New Mexico – astrology classes

Arielle Guttman

Arielle is currently offering local classes in the Santa Fe area. Contact her for information on class curriculum, schedules and fees.



NCGR – Albuquerque


New York – astrology classes

Dynamic Astrology for Personal Growth and Professional Development with Darcy Woodall DFAstrolS, MAPAI.

Darcy Woodall’s approach to astrology is eclectic. Inspired by archetypal depth psychology, metaphors generated by the “new sciences” and astrology’s roots in myth, philosophy and sacred science, she encourages clients and students to live their charts — and their lives — with courage and imagination. She is an award-winning Diploma Holder of the Faculty of Astrological Studies (DFAstrolS). 

As a member of its Distance Learning Tutor Team, she teaches students from around the world at all levels of the Faculty’s curriculum. In 2003, she completed a two year certificate program in the “Archetypal Dynamics of Self-Organization,” with the Assisi Foundation, during which she was mentored by Jungian Analyst, Michael Conforti. 

Her articles on mythology and astrology have appeared in the Mountain Astrologer, Spring Journal, and NRG Magazine. Darcy is a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International, and is an elected Board Member of the NCGR. Darcy offers classes in beginning and advanced astrology, study groups, private tutorials and professional mentorships on an ongoing basis in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

For Class and Schedule Information visit:

NCGR – Long Island


NCGR – New York City


North Carolina – astrology classes

Chapel Hill – Center for Transformational Studies – Barbara-Lynn Freed offers an eleven week course in beginning astrology to groups or individuals.

See her website, www.TransformationalStudies.com for a detailed list of classes and contact her directly for class schedules and fees at (919) 942-7754.

Ohio – astrology classes

Midwest School of Astrology – Cincinnati, Ohio

Hosted by Pam Gallagher and consist of a 3 levels program designed to teach students the fundamental science & art of astrology. The Midwest School of Astrology is an ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research) affiliated school.

(513) 984-2293

Oklahoma – astrology classes




Oregon – astrology classes

Mary Plumb – Ashland, Oregon

Mary Plumb has been studying astrology for over 40 years and has been an astrological counselor since 1985. She provides 1 on 1 astrology tutoring and mentoring services.


Portland School of Astrology – Portland, Oregon

We are running classes each term, which students are welcome to sign up for individually and are open to the general public. These classes range from Beginner to Intermediate and Advanced.


Pennsylvania – astrology classes

Basic Astrology for Self Awarness – Blue Bell

Carrie Lever teaches astrology classes at the Montgomery Community college in Blue Bell, PA. The classes form at various semesters. You can find out more at their website or call for information.


Rhode Island – astrology classes

South Carolina – astrology classes

South Dakota – astrology classes

Tennessee – astrology classes

Galaxy-wide Astrology Fans


Texas – astrology classes

NCGR DFW Chapter – The Astrological Society of North Texas (ASNT) – North Richland Hills


The Galactic Center Astrology Classes – Dallas

Joni Patry has a school of astrology in Dallas Texas. She is a second-level certified Vedic astrologer, and a faculty and board member of the American Council of Vedic Astrology (ACVA). Her classes give credit hours toward certification with ACVA. 

The Galactic Center will be starting a beginning course in January. There are monthly speaker nights there as well. The schedule of events for the new year is on the website as well as many articles posted that are used in the classes.

Lincos Astrology – Austin

Maria has been studying astrology for over 37 years now and is one of the few people in the world that has a MA degree in astrology.

For scheduling and enrollment information please contact:

Maria Mateus at 


Naomi Bennett – Austin

Naomi has over 53 years as an astrologer and provides 1 on 1 coaching.


Utah – astrology classes


Anne Windsor Astrology Education

From Aries to zodiac, Anne Windsor Astrology offers a comprehensive range of classes and coursework whether you want to learn a little or a lot. Ongoing classes take you from barely knowing your sun sign to taking the certification exams from national organizations. Anne Windsor is professionally certified by the American Federation of Astrologers (PMAFA) and has lectured at national conventions since 1996. 

She proctors AFA certification tests in Utah and has developed a course of study to prepare students for national certification. She is the creator of “Astro*Flash*Cards(tm)” a valuable learning aid for astrology students. She also produced the “Building a Professional Astrology Practice” audio seminar which outlines successful business strategies for new and practicing astrologers.

Please call 888-876-2482 for your free class schedule or visit Anne’s website. https://snapappointments.com/annewindsor

Vermont – astrology classes

Lydia Solini – offered on a continuing basis: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced.
South Burlington, Vermont

lydia@astrologybylydia.com or 802-860-2995 www.astrologybylydia.com

Virginia – astrology classes


Carmen Turner-Schott – astrology classes Virginia Beach VA

Carmen Turner is an astrolger with over 25 years of experince. She offers classes & works as well as private consulting.



NCGR – Richmond, Virgina


Washington – astrology classes

Training Program in Psychological Astrology – Seattle

Nancy Kahn has developed this Training Program to assist you in learning psychological astrology and identifying and healing your own psychological challenges. The first part will be taught Fall 2002. It is called Healing the Mother Wound. It is based on Nancy’s book, The Astrology of the Inner Family. 

(206) 992-6091


Washington State Astrological Association



Laura Nalbandian, Ravenna WA


West Virginia – astrology classes

Wisconsin – astrology classes

NCGR – Milwaukee


Wyoming – astrology classes

International Astrology Classes


Astrology Association of New South Wales Inc.


Astrology in Wollongong, NSW

Patricia Shepherd is a member of the FAA Exam Board and is a foundation member, as well as President of The Association of Professional Astrologers (The APA). She has a Diploma in Psychotherapy and Relationship Counselling as well as a Graduate Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy. 

Holding small weekly classes to the FAA Syllabus this very personalised course promotes self- awareness and growth and also encourages students to formalise their training by participating in the national FAA Examination process.

Email : wollongong@iprimus.com.au
Mobile: 0412 929 333

Christine Rothwell Astrology Classes – Melbourne, Victoria

Christine offers an in-depth introduction to Astrology from a psychological and mythological perspective for beginners through to advanced students. She is an Accredited Astrology Teacher [A.A.T.] and an examiner on the National Examination Board for the Federation of Australian Astrologers.


FAA Western Australia Inc.


Janet Menefy Astrology Classes NSW

Walk through the Zodiac – Beginning Astrology Classes
is a monthly meeting to explore current astrological influences and what they may mean to you. These classes get away from the traditional intellectual approach and offer an immediate experience of the planetary influences at work. We usually focus on the particular zodiac sign for that month.
LEVEL: Basic

Walk thru the language – Advanced Astrology Classes
is for learning comprehensive aspects of astrology, exploring your own birth chart, current events, and their influence on you. Course Content Covers: Basic Building Blocks (12 zodiac signs, 10 planets, and aspects), Current Influences, and Special Topics. Advanced


Narelle Duncan-Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Narelle Duncan (Dip Astro; FAA Member; APA; Adv. Dip Nat; Cert IV Tng)Narelle writes columns for Australian magazines and is the creator of the Soul Purpose OracleCards – a divination tool for getting in touch with your life purpose.

 As an inspirational speaker and passionate teacher, Narelle provides insights into your past lives, life lessons, and future direction. Join Narelle’s astro-gasmic classes to uncover your and others’ true potential and ‘live your best life’!

Discover ‘Soul-centred‛ Astrology at Narelle‛s monthly classes or learn at your own pace with personalized one-on-one sessions. Classes are held at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, Australia. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-year class groups are conducted regularly along with introductory classes. 

For those that are interested in formalizing their Astrology skills— at the end of your studies and upon the successful completion of an examination process you will receive a Diploma of Astrology, recognized by the Federation of Australian Astrologers.

CONTACT US: Narelle’s Soul Purpose Astrology on 0011 61 7 5576 3422


Paola Emma Possenti – Uki NSW

I am principally a Counseling Astrologer, but I also love to write About astrology, particularly mundane topics. My real vocation though is teaching. I have run many workshops and courses through the years, for beginners and advanced students In the back of my bookshop. My bookshop address is: Fortuna Bookshop, 1454 Kyogle road, 2484 Uki, NSW, Australia. Please contact me for information on future classes.


Sara Gilbert – Carrum Downs, Victoria

The three-year astrology program has been designed to support students who are serious about becoming professional astrologers and wish to develop sufficient understanding to participate in the FAA examination process. It is also suitable for individuals on a journey of self-discovery who wish to take their knowledge of astrology to a significant depth. In line with the FAA syllabus, the course uses a psychological approach in relating to astrology.

Sirius School of Astrology – Sherrynne Dalby

Classes have a traditional and classical slant. Students are taught both personal astrology and the mundane branches of astrology. Regular monthly classes and weekend workshops.

Stella Starwoman Astrology Courses – St Kilda, Victoria

Stella Woods aka Stella Starwoman offers an Astrology for Beginners course beginning in February each year in Elwood, Melbourne plus occasional weekend workshops and lectures. Stella has been studying, reading and teaching astrology for over 20 years and is a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers and a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia. 

She also holds certificates in Medieval Astrology and Spiritual Group Facilitation and has studied Literary Symbolism, Kabbalah and Jungian Psychology.

Victorian Astrologers Assoc. Inc.



Astrology Toronto


Canadian Association for Astrological Education

The Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE) is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1993. It was established through the efforts of Canadian astrologers to provide a formal approach to the teaching and study of astrology for both students and teachers. Course study guides for students, course curricula for teachers and a mentorship program for new teachers are in place. 

Courses are currently being offered in Toronto, Guelph, Peterborough, Oshawa ON, Calgary AB, Fort Langley BC and Winnipeg MN.

Edmonton Astrological Society


The Atlantic Professional Astrologers’ Association / L’Association Professionelle des Astrologues de L’Atlantique 



Alanna Morgan teaches Predictive Astrology: An Integrated Approach to Transits & Progressions, and Intermediate Astrology:

Delineating the Birth Chart. If you live in the Toronto area and would like be part of these classes, please contact Alanna at alannamorgan@sympatico.ca or 416-538-8369. You can visit Alanna’s website, www.alannamorgan.com for more details.
Fraser Valley Astrological Guild – Ft. Langley BC


Vancouver – Jeffrey Armstrong

Vedic Astrology Consulting

Vancouver – Rose Marcus

This course is an excellent foundation for general interest and for those who want to prepare for more in-depth astrological study. The basics (planets, signs, houses, elements, rulerships, lunar phases as an introduction to aspects) are taught from the Evolutionary Astrology perspective and are presented in a logical building block format. 

This class can be suitable for absolute beginners as well as for those with some astrological background. Students will gain an introduction to the basics concepts of Evolutionary Astrology. 

6th Annual School of Evolutionary Astrology: The Jeffrey Wolf Green Method
Vancouver, Canada, Commencing: 
Application for enrollment is now being accepted for the next School of Evolutionary Astrology, the Jeffrey Wolf Green Method, Vancouver, Canada.

This 30 week intensive course (designed by founder Jeffrey Wolf Green) is taught in 5 sessions, 6 weeks per session (one class per week for 6 weeks), with a short break between each session. 

Homework assignments will be provided at the end of the course for those interested in certification. Please visit Rose’s website for more information.
Info: rose_marcus@shaw.ca


Astrologihuset – Copenhagen



Association Jupitair – Montpelier



The Astrological Lodge of London

Offers an on-going schedule of classes throughout the year taught by leading International Astrologers. Please visit their website at www.astrolodge.co.uk for the current seasonal programs. 



Dr. A.S. Kalra – New Delhi

(0091)-93130-34309, 84477-20234

Shop No.06, Ganesh Yog, Bldg., Opp. Vazira Naka Ganesh Mandir,
L.T. Road Extn., Borivali (West), Mumbai-400092.
Tel: +900 4699639 Mob: 08652 170706

Course 1 – Basic Knowledge For Astrology
Basic Knowledge Of Astrology About Jyotish , Kundli Maths , Aspects Of Planets , Asthottari Dasha , Vimshottari Dasha
Fees :- 5,500/- Course Time :- 1 month (daily)

Course 2 – Advance Knowledge For Astrology
Kundli Maths With Depth Knowledge Of K. P. Prashna Kundli Maths And Prediction.
Fees :- 8,500 /- Course Time :- 45 Days (daily)

Course 3 – Professional Astrology courses
K. P. With Sayan Kundli Maths , With Antar Dasha & Shukshma Dasha , Sadesati With Shubh – Ashubh Yog And Solution , Remedies .
Fees :- 11,000/–Course Time :- 2 month (daily)



Through her school, The Amsterdam School of Astrology, Faye Cossar runs workshops and training programmes for astrologers. She is an enthusiastic teacher who offers practical tools to astrologers at all levels.Faye has taught many subjects over the years. Her first experience was at an international computer company in New Zealand, where she taught various computer skills. 

Later as a freelance ICT consultant in London, she taught managers and their secretaries how to use E-mail within BP which was one of the first companies to use E-mail company-wide.

When she came to Amsterdam she started teaching small groups of students astrology, mainly beginners courses for the english speaking community. Since then she has taught the many and varied techniques of astrology to students at all levels. 

She now teaches in both english, mainly in London, and in dutch throughout the Netherlands and sometimes in Belgium. Her career counselling training has been followed by many professional astrologers in the Netherlands.


New Zealand

Babula Clement – Christchurch

Babula is offering astrology workshops in the Christchurch area in New Zealand.
Her Astrology Courses and Workshops from recent years in Brisbane are available as mp3 downloads and pdf documents. See pdf file of topics available. Contact Babula for more information.
Classes and Workshops Available



Romanian Astrologers Association – Craiova



AstroShamanism Findhorn


Scottish School of Astrology – Edinburgh



Astro Club – Zurich