Adams, Dianne Eppler

Adams, Dianne Eppler ISAR, CAP

Dianne is a certified astrological consultant with a full-time practice in Alexandria, VA. Her readings combine an in-depth astrological knowledge with a keen intuition and loving spirit. She helps people find purpose and meaning in a seemingly chaotic world, by offering life-affirming insights into their strengths and suggestions for seeing weaknesses as assets. She works with the client to clarify possibilities and image options for the future while considering the deeper meaning for their personal and spiritual growth. As a result, the client’s perspective on life changes, they gain an enhanced appreciation of who they are and have more confidence that their life is unfolding in alignment with their soul’s journey. In relationship sessions, both compatibility and differences are pointed out with the aim of exploring how to bridge differences or simply honor them. Underlying everything she does is the message that you cannot be compared to anyone else and need only to appreciate your own uniqueness to find happiness. Dianne is a speaker for various local NCGR groups, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and First Class, an adult education center in Washington, DC. She writes a free monthly New Moon newsletter, Astrology in Matters, which you can sign up for at her website. In addition, she writes a regular column for the Del Ray Sun newspaper in Virginia.