Anderson, Robert

Anderson, Robert
Plymouth, UK
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An Astrology reading offers a different perspective on personality traits and life experiences. Whether you want to know about relationships, career choices, life-path or are just curious, a reading can give food for thought and may lead to new insights. If you are experiencing problems, these are often visible as areas of stress in the birth chart which are being activated by planetary alignments. Seeing difficulties in abstract form on a chart often helps people to talk them out, and possibly realize how they fit in to an overall life – pattern. It can also be helpful to place events in a probable time frame. Challenging experiences begin and peak, but they also come to an end. To draw up a chart it is only necessary to know your date, time and place of birth. Consultations can be in person or by phone/Skype and include a CD/MP3 recording of the session.

I have been an Astrologer for over twenty-five years and hold a diploma with distinction from the Mayo School of Astrology (DMS Astrol). I am also a Fellow Member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (FAPAI), and a Trustee of the Astrological Association (UK Charity No. 1152804).