Astro FlameAstroFlame
Miami, FL

I have been interested in astrology since my teen years and had been studying it since late ’90s. In 2016 I felt I needed to take it a step further from reading for friends and family and started my astrological practice. Astrology is a powerful tool for understanding one’s deep inner psychological motivations and working on personal issues. It has helped me in my own personal growth and now I am offering this help to others.

I am constantly studying and upgrading my knowledge in this area. Currently I am enrolled in the London’s Faculty of Astrology certificate program. I use an evolutionary astrology perspective and help my clients find their own place in the bigger picture and feel connected to the flow of life by having a better understanding of themselves and their motivations(natal readings). I also provide information that helps them make an informed choice in relationships (compatibility reading) as well as multiple everyday life concerns (free-form questions).

I offer written consultations by e-mail. You are welcome to contact me via my website.