Barrett, Sondra PHD

Barrett, Sondra PHD
Petaluma, CA

AstroElemental Guidance
A Visual Approach to Tuning into Your Elemental Energies with Dr. Sondra Barrett
Dr. Sondra Barrett, in addition to being an intuitive scientist and former faculty at the University of California Medical School, has been a health educator for more than 30 years. She is the scientist who photographed the 12 minerals related to the Zodiac and made the discoveries about the usefulness and uniqueness of the photographs. She has been a student of shamanism and symbology for decades and teaches internationally. Winner of numerous photography awards, Dr. Barrett is also the author of 3 books: Wine’s Hidden Beauty (the microscopic patterns of wine and taste), Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence (Sounds True 2013), and Ultimate Immunity: Supercharge Your Body’s Natural Healing Powers (Rodale 2015). In addition, to offering her unique AstroElemental Readings,Sondra coaches people with chronic health issues, stress and those wanting to make lifestyle changes. She mentors individuals who wish to go deeper into the wisdom of their cells bridging science and the sacred. Sondra brings a breadth of knowledge and healing wisdom to her AstroElemental guidance.

How AstroElemental Guidance was born

As a medical scientist I was asked to photograph, through my microscope, 12 minerals said to be associated with the signs of the zodiac. I agreed to photograph them since I was teaching children with cancer about their cells and molecules and thought that they would find the photographs interesting. When I was finished photographing the 12 mineral salts, I was surprised to see that there appeared to be four distinct shapes:square, round, wavy, and hexagons.

The AH HA Moment

The geometric shapes aligned with the 4 elements in astrology: air, earth, water and fire. I was in awe and stunned! I sensed that these photographs of minerals and their symbols had a lot more to show and tell us than simply about their chemical behaviors. Yet as an academic scientist, I hid from the potential mystical /metaphysical meanings until now.

In the unique AstroElemental Readings I am offering, we will discover together how the photomicrographic images and symbols connected to your birth data tell a mystical symbolic story of your life. The elemental patterns reveal intuitive information about your energetic nature, where your strengths are, what you may need to bring your elemental self into balance, which elemental energy needs enhancing, and what your own intuitive wisdom tells you. Now you can SEE your Astro-Elemental expression visually in geometric symbols as well as photomicrographic expression of your elemental signature – what an opening into deeper wisdom, that you may already suspect and not yet trust.


Generally, I like astrology as a tool to show us what comes naturally to us and what we have to work on. With this particularly interesting work that Sondra is doing, the correlations of shapes, color and photographs of the mineral crystals helps me go way beyond my usual experience with astrology. It is something that is almost a primal response to the pictures, in particular. It is very interactive and allows for discussion. This was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. It is another useful way for people to receive information. ~ RP, New Hampshire

Recently, Sondra provided me with an AstroElemental ‘reading’ based upon only two pieces of information- the exact time and date of my birth, and the place of my birth. Through my birth chart and her photographic images, she most accurately described my life’s quest in a sentence of symbols that was, to my amazement, 100% accurate! Sondra would have had no way of knowing most of the information she provided. Of equal importance was that our actual session was videotaped for my later review on Plus I have the images of my elemental signature to look at. These images penetrate energetically in a way that words cannot. Thank you for your crisp, targeted sharing of my reading.The best part of the whole process is your warm, curious, intuitive, and interactive style that allows even more insight. ~ TS, Orlando, Florida

Doing this online on Zoom is fun and having the experiential piece running throughout her delivery is very engaging. I love the personal elemental soul signature! Some of the explanation provided validation of what I already know and learning about how many astrological signs I am connected to was new info. ~RA, Calistoga, California

I’ve been including astrology in my professional work with clients for more than ten years and studied it for more than 34 years, and Sondra’s elemental reading went directly to the substance of what I needed to hear and to do! How wonderful to interact with the tangible elements of astrology and be informed by them. I went straight to the symbol of Cancer as my first image choice—which turns out to be my astrological North Node sign—the sig whose traits, according to astrological wisdom, we reach for and long to integrate in this lifetime! This is profoundly confirming for me, and gave me some practical steps for how to integrate the Cancerian qualities of being present to my subtle feelings. Sondra’s calm and perceptive presence helped me feel 100 percent seen and at ease. Our reading was on the day of Equinox, and marked a turning point toward a more authentic feeling presence in how I approach choices of what’s next. ~NM, Los Angeles, California