Berry, Linda

Berry, Linda
L.A, San Diego, Inland Valley, CA

Linda Berry has been actively seeking her own spirituality since she was very young. Her aunt, an accomplished astrologer and numerologer, started Linda reading palms as a child. Since then Linda has studied in various areas of Old Age Spirituality (Native Indian) and New Age Spirituality (Metaphysical) to combine the two into her style of Spiritual Astrology Readings and Trainings. Her readings are aimed toward helping people to grow and heal themselves. By getting in touch with their “higher selves” she gives them insights and perceptions that result in clearer visions and the discovery of inner knowledge, which can be used to create happier lives. In her Spiritual Astrology readings she guides them in finding the road to take for their own spiritual journey. Using very analytical techniques in her teaching style, Linda’s Spiritual Astrology Training is not only spiritual, but interesting and educational as well. Being a professional practicing astrologer, Linda offers astrological services that specialize in modern Western Astrology as well as Spiritual Astrology (karmic insight and shamanic healing). She offers birth chart, synastry, and transit chart interpretation, special eclipse packages, relationship consultation, and customized services such as life path, business, finance, relocation, medical, and children/baby analysis. Linda’s Spiritual Astrology Reading assists individuals in understanding their Natal Chart energies to help connect with the “blueprint of their soul.”

Through her Astrology expertise and background she has developed one-on-one Basic Astrology and Intermediate Astrology Personal Training Programs and her one-on-one Spiritual Astrology Training Program. She combines her knowledge of Western, Classical, Karmic, and Shamanic Astrology to develop educational as well as growth and healing oriented Astrology Training Programs. Students learn everything from how to read their Birth (Natal) Chart, relationship oriented Synastry Charts, energy producing Transit Charts, Solar and Lunar Return Charts, as well as learning about the Moon and its relationship to the elements.

A worldwide audience joins Linda Berry for her monthly “Blog Talk Radio Shows.” Internationally known as an Astrologer, Linda has taught Modern, Classical, Spiritual, and Native Indian Astrology for the past eleven years. In addition, she shares her wit and sage wisdom as the “Zodiac Yoda” on the Lunar News™Radio Show which airs twice monthly where she offers Full and New Moon reports as well as astrological forecasts and cosmic mini-readings. Linda is the past President of the San Diego Chapter of NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research). NCGR is an internationally known Astrological organization that certifies Astrologers at four levels of expertise. She served on the National NCGR PEP (Professional Empowerment Program) Committee and was also a National NCGR Astrological Mentor. Linda is also an active member of the San Diego Astrological Society (SDAS) as well as the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR). A dynamic and sought after public speaker, Linda has been a presenter at meetings, workshops, seminars, and conferences around the country, and has appeared on both radio and television. She is also the author of the soon to be published books: “Spiritual Marketing for the Modern Day Astrologer, Archetypes in Astrology, Spiritual Astrology: Karmic Insight and Shamanic Healing, Moon through the Signs: Elemental Shamanic Healing, and Spiritual Palmistry and the Seven Classical Planets.”